Elementary Go Series – Volume 2 – 38 Basic Joseki – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. By Kiyoshi Kosugi and . 38 Basic Josekis lays out the 38 most commonly used joseki in go. It is broken down into seven chapters that discuss one type of joseki, from. 38 Basic Joseki has 79 ratings and 9 reviews. Aniket said: Poorly placed in the series. Players at the right level for In The Beginning and Tesuji probab.

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In the second volume of the Elementary Go Series, Kosugi and Davies outline 38 basic joseki that players might find helpful in their games. Each section within a chapter discusses one joseki starting off with the basic framework and then moves on to its variations.

What we are met with is a book that is not nearly as engaging or story-like as In The Beginning. For reference book of joseki there much better ones.

Contains unique josekis such as how to handle a 388 if you 3 have a one point jump.

38 Basic Joseki at Sensei’s Library

A player who is willing to study the variations and commentary in this book will be able to apply those principles josek when the stones aren’t in exactly the same position as the examples. W1nterl0ng rated it liked it Jan 09, As a reference, this book is clearly less complete than Ishida Yoshio’s Dictionary of Basic Joseki, and doesn’t add much value beyond the freely available Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary. Granted it been a long time since I read it.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The idea that learning joseki is not important because some pros or high ranked players made a similar off handed remark. On the other hand, the brevity of the explanations means that the explanations are more abstract and at a higher level.


Paulus Germanus rated it it was ok Jan 29, On the other hand, I found that learning anything practical from this book was rather difficult. I think “38 basic joseki” should have told you that.

38 Basic Joseki

I believe this book has been unfairly left on the shelf by many amateur players for a variety of reasons. Bottom Line Best viewed as a review of joseki rather than a study of it. The content is extremely dry; just like any other joseki book it runs through a whole bunch of them and their variations.

I really like this book. But, to understand the variations, it will took for a joseeki, especially if you are around 30 kyu until 10 kyu. Nowadays, joseki learners have a choice between buying such variations-orientated books or explanation-orientated joseki books already explaining all the reasons, meanings, concepts and principles.

Gianluca Chiodaroli rated it liked it May 06, Hayri rated it it was amazing Nov 24, It is broken down into seven chapters that discuss one type of joseki, from joseki that start on the point to the point. Explanations with example diagrams What aspect can be improved on? Its just to give a foundation of joseki to go on from there. I skimmed this at 12 kyu, because a player of that level really should not be trying to memorize joseki.

However, kyu-level players lack the ability and the confidence to play an influence-oriented game; instead of taking chances on positions in which the territorial boundaries are not clearly defined and are often wide open, they prefer to build iron-clad territories in the corners and on the sides. Alternatively, an interactive version of this book in SmartGo books: Thanks for telling us about the problem. It stresses understanding over memorization, which I liked.

38 Basic Joseki (Elementary Go Series, #2) by Kiyoshi Kosugi

Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it really liked it Basix 17, Kyu-level players also tend to play defensively and are not inclined to attack the stronger player. Not very helpful for beginners looking to understand more about the game. I hope you have found this review helpful and that you will give 38 Basic Josekis a second look. Dec 22, Joy rated uoseki liked it Shelves: Return to Book Page.


Recle rated it really liked it May 08, My own approach I cam up with through trial and error is somewhat different. I find the dictionary of 21st century joseki one of my fundamental learning tools.

May I ask what’s your approx. Also, for those who already have a basic sense of joseki and want more guidance on why certain choices are better than others in different board positions, be sure to check out Whole Nasic Thinking Vol.

Book Review: 38 Basic Joseki

Attack and Defense To Order by Ishida Akira 9-dan and James Davies The authors lay down a few clear principles, then go through a wealth of examples and problems from professional play, giving you a thorough grasp hoseki how to choose strategy, how to execute dual-purpose attacks, how to force your opponent into submission or cooperation, how to invade and reduce territorial frameworks, and when to fight a ko.

As basoc beginner, I had a hard time grasping anything from the book. Mark Gerads rated it it was amazing Nov 18, Yes 38 classic joseki could be a new name for the book as we have to remember that this book was written in the 70s. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Poorly placed in the series. Select a forum Life In 19x Over examples and problems, teaching the beginner how to kill the opponent’s stones and make his own live.

Feb 11, Andrew rated it it was ok Shelves: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Refresh and try again.