Lucianvesper09 wrote: It’s THE Joan of ArcLucianvesper09 5 years ago. Casper Wyoming Vesper “7”. This is highly illogical. The only Vespers that were. 57 messages. Vesper Five. Do what? 4 years ago. Lucianvesper She killed him off. I wonder what happens to May in FlashpointTZ. The book is the first installment of “The 39 Clues,” a multimedia extravaganza that combines a book series, collectible playing cards, online.

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I really love doing this stuff.

’39 Clues’ exclusive: New series from Scholastic will feature David Baldacci

Steven Spielberg acquired film rights to the series in Juneand a film based on the books was set to be released in but production has not yet started as of July The Maze of Bones is the first book in the series, written by Rick Riordan and published on September 9, Amy also told Jake, her former boyfriend, how she had never loved him. Jane Sperling, at the castle. Movie rights first book series, which has more than 8. It was written by Sarwat Chaddaand published on June 28, In Attleboro, Massachusetts, Pony works on getting information about Debi Ann, though 90 is difficult.

In the second series each book again came cluues six cards. Isabel, having drunk Dan’s serum and seeking revenge for her children, arrives and tries to stop Damien from inserting the final piece.

Amy is tricked into giving Vesper One Gideon’s ring, which Grace entrusted her with. Please enter your email address below to receive a password reset link.

Near the end of the book, they suspect that Nellie is spying on them for someone clies. On the train, Vesper One sends them a video of the hostages.


Retrieved April 23, In a surprise twist, Scholastic has hired David Baldacci will write the final book in the series, set to be released in March Amy inserts the strip to the final slit and the box springs open.

Nellie finds them and sets them free. Are you going to have much contact with them? Each branch of the Cahill family has specific talents in a certain area; for example, the Ekaterina branch specializes in inventions and technology.

Alongside the first series of books, Card Packs were sold. But what city will he target? Mission Titanic is the first book in the Doublecross series.

Putting Books to Work: The 39 Clues series

Ian goes to New York, suspecting Isabel to be Vesper One, and Isabel manipulates him into staying by saying that the other Cahills are not his friends. Meanwhile, in Trilon Laboratories in Delaware, Nellie Gomez, acting as Nadine Gormey, makes contact with Sammy Mourad, who is being held in the building to improve the serum for Clufs.

The Moviewas originally planned to be released inbut so far the movie has not yet entered production. Retrieved February 24, It consists of five series, The Clue HuntCahills vs. Storm Warning is the ninth book in the series. The feud between the Cahills has ended, and the cluss unites to battle a new enemy: When the Vespers come, the device disarms and electrocutes them. Now, with one disaster behind them, siblings Dan and Amy Cahill and their friends have just days to discover what the Outcast’s next move will be.

Archived from the original on December 14, The Black Circle is the fifth book in the series. Countdown is the third book in the Unstoppable series. Amy and Dan enter the Clue hunt, competing against more experienced Clue hunters: Into The Gauntlet is the tenth clued penultimate book in the series. When Dan thinks they have lost the clue, Amy shows him the poem on a silk fabric they found in Beijing and tells him the next clue is raw silkworm secretion.


Retrieved April 25, They like the written word and they like pictures, and you could bring the whole thing together and really get a great product for them that they can have a lot of fun with. All they can count on is a tidal wave of trouble coming, and cluess them to stand in its way. Amy discovers that Isabel modified the coordinates etched on the compass’s reverse.

They chronicle the adventures of two siblings, Amy and Dan Cahill, who discover that their family, the Cahills, has been the most influential family in history.

It was written by Peter Lerangis and published on March 6, The person behind the disaster is their own relative, a man who calls himself the Outcast. A sinister man calling himself The Outcast has targeted the family and set them an impossible test. The clues that the Cahill kids have gathered suggest that the Outcast’s latest disaster is modeled after Hurricane Katrina.