The s20 manual is kinda hard to find, so here it is for anybody who needs it http: //?d=LW5K8HSK:D. The Akai S20 is essentially a repackaged hybrid of the original mono, Akai S01 of samples or for entering the BPM of a sample loop manually in BEAT mode. 9 user reviews on Akai S S20, Sampler from Akai. . on-can-easier when you have some skills in editing and sampling, the French manual is well detailed.

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Been looking on ebay and craigslist and still cant find a good deal on any of these.

User manual AKAI S20

Normally pressing any button other than a BANK button ends the sampling and the sample will play back by pressing the same BANK button again, however things get more interesting if you want to sample a loop. Set the samples which will not affect the entire sound when stopped to “0” and set more essential as drum loops to HIGH. Somewhat surprisingly there’s been a recent return to basic, hands-on hardware samplers like this, including from Akai.

In fact, the way I work, I use it first thing in the chain to sample the sound I want quickly and easily s02 the beginning and end of my sample. Polyphony – 8 voices.

BPM adjustable from Have downloaded a sample from cd which can be edited, but I do not x20 the equipment to test midi, all mznual buttons light up when pressed and edit functions can be altered with cursors. However after voicing my opinions to Akai they told me that the S20 is mainly intended akqi the DJ market, hence the inclusion of the BEAT LOOP function and the sample pads and they see it more as a live looping tool, where saving and loading won’t be an issue.


It allows entry to have excellent sound. All buttons are facades with each function. Also, after seeing my son’s reaction to it oohh Akai couldn’t help but they did say that some older Akai S01 editors and mixer maps may work with the S20 as it has a lot in common with the earlier machine, hmmm.

This arrangement uses two rows of LEDs, 6 X 7, with printed columns showing which mode is current and four cursor buttons to navigate around the matrix.

MPCHunter ยป S20

It could be something weird like 10 or 12 though, but I doubt it given the year it was made and how inexpensive it was. Limitations allow me to save time and not take the lead.

FL and Akai release Fire controller Date Produced – Please ensure that your S20 meets the power requirements in your area. I got the 16mb upgrade. Is that RZ-1 8 bit or something?? Although sample editing on the S20 is hampered by the meagre display there are still a quite few options available.

If you send MIDI program change 5 and play, you will be able to play the strings which had been multi-sampled for each pitch. Request a new review.

You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum. ByMuied Lumens Sun Jul 06, If you’re sampling with the full 17 Mb, in full flow with tons of great loops and sequences and you want to move on to another song or try out some new ideas you can’t do anything until you’ve spent nearly ten minutes shunting a dozen disk’s in and out of the S20 to back-up your work.


Tue Mar 16, 7: Originally posted on FutureProducers. Users browsing this forum: What I have found out about using it is, you have to do most of your samples in mono if you want to fill up the pads, because the stereo samples is what sucks up the memory, and you’ll be lucky to be able to get more than a pad or 2 if you must sample in stereo. I see it says it on the front. You can determine which file type is used when saving and loading data.

Google [Bot] and 1 guest. I just got one the remix88 version. Wed Mar 23, 1: I just hope they work out how to get a whole set into the memory, or they will be waiting around for 10 minutes between songs while it loads up.

This sampler is very bare and yet Bywizardsmoke Sun Jul 13, 6: It has the typical Akai look unlike the Remix 16and is compact but chunky with a footprint a little smaller than the magazine you are holding.