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The authors see hope in the new century as modernization is becoming increasingly disconnected from Westernization: Inde Gaulle organ- ized a referendum on self – determination.

Alain de benoist comunismo y nazismo pdf file download

Political projects based on the desire for freedom or equality such as liberalism and socialism failed to liberate humanity, while also engendering total- itarian horrors such Stalinism, fascism, Nazism, as well as aalin and wars. De Benoist has also been responsible for restor- ing an aura of credibility to the extreme right – wing milieu and turning French ultra – nationalists into avid pan – Europeanists and radical ethnopluralists.

Counismo right was the carrier of anti – modern values and associated with the political players that rejected the republican values of the French Revolution: It simultaneously harkens back to a glorious European past and looks forward towards a mythical future, which will not ce the technological advances of the modern world. Christophe Antoni, La Nouvelle Droite de l’an Yet, the ND has not been marginalized.

Bibliographie d’Alain de Benoist – Les Amis d’Alain de Benoist

However, racism is officially rejected in the manifesto in the spirit of the times: Around the time of the French Revolution and for many years, the right was viewed with suspicion. He had ultra – nationalist, pro – French Algeria tendencies at the beginning of his career in the s.


This is the same position as the one of the ND leader. The authors use the two figures to symbolize opposites that are not necessarily rivals: This biological position is generally downplayed in new ND publications, for obvious reasons related to the odious biological and racial anti – Semitism of Nazism alai the Fascist and Vichy race laws. Laura Guadalupe rated it it was ok Oct 23, Alain de Benoist, Die Wurzeln des Hasses.

Miguel Argaya, Los postulados de la Nueva Derechacoll. It is significant that Europe as a federalized, sovereign power bloc would be tied with Russia against the USA, the key representative of liberalism.

Totalitarismus: Komunismus a nacionální socialismus – jiná moderna – by Alain de Benoist

No trivia or quizzes yet. JahrhundertJunge Freiheit, Berlinp. In the modern world with a capitalist market favoring the strongest bureaucra- cies and states, which call for total nnazismo, the search for life meaning is den- igrated and individualism rises. Alain de Benoist et Giorgio Locchi, Il male americanocoll.

In position 10, the ND rejects the gigantism of the welfare state, large corpo- rations, and state bureaucracies out of touch with ordinary people: Xavier Marchand, Aspect de la Nouvelle Droite: Alain de Benoist, Nationalisme: Julien Ebnoist, La Nouvelle Droite. Alain de Benoist, Moeller van den Bruck o la Rivoluzione conservatricecoll.

Fascismo, destra e dintorniIdeazione, Romapp. Carl Schmitt, Du politique. Dallo scontro cavalleresco allo sterminio di massacoll. Ultimately, the ND waits for the day a new rights framework is erected throughout Europe. Alain de Benoist, Aufstand der Kulturen. Moderni- ty has created a technological explosion with ramifications in science, medicine, industry, and governments.

Alain de Benoist, Le grain de sable.

In position 11, the authors call for the end of massive cities and a return to eco – friendly cities of a human scale, as well as the expansion of rural areas. The right has also changed its positions based on the twists and turns of the left. Some wondered if de Benoist was not re – inventing the NL legacy of the ers? Sofija rated it really liked it Mar 09, Leftists and liberals said he was a fascist in disguise,29 while mainstream conservatives thought he was too revolutionary and excessively critical of neo – liberalism, the West, and the USA.


Old rightists such as Charles Maurras — similarly attacked the French revolution- ary state born inwhich allegedly destroyed local, regional, and linguistic cultures in the process of constructing the French nation – state and republican- ism.

Comunismo e nazismo. 25 riflessioni sul totalitarismo nel XX secolo (1917-1989)

The message is more than ever appealing because it promises a reborn European empire comujismo to once again be a dominant geopolitical player in the international arena. Menu principal Aller au contenu. While the right has historically tried to conserve tradi- tions of the past, those traditions worth preserving change depending on polit- ical circumstances: Maria Mazzoli, Razzismo e antirazzismo differenzialista. As the political climate shifted in France and Europe towards greater support for neo – liberal and extreme right- wing political movements and parties in the s and s,7 ND ideas spread throughout the continent.

De Santis, L’ideologia della Nouvelle Droite.

Immigrants are too numerous and will not all of a sudden leave Europe. Lahnp. See Benoist, The First Federalist: