Author: Daniel Polansky Estas en los bajos fondos de Rigus, la ciudad mas prospera de las Trece Tierras, donde las ratas salen mientras la gente honrada. Results 1 – 30 of 44 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Daniel-Polansky books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 Bajos fondos. 62% off. Estás en los bajos fondos de Rigus, la ciudad más próspera de las Trece Tierras, donde las ratas salen mientras la gente honrada duerme, y la guardia hace la.

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Who, by the way, is a bad-ass, smart mouthed, drug dealer with a heart of gold. I enjoyed the world-building.

We slowly learn about his past through his encounters, dreams, recollections and actions. This is Low Town, a sprawling warren of side streets and back alleys, of boarded up windows and Book Description Rigus is the greatest city in the Thirteen Lands, a glittering metropolis of crystalline citadels and sumptuous manors, where the gentlewomen hide delicate smiles behind silken sleeves and bored nobles settle affairs of honour with cold steel.

I enjoyed this book mostly for its conception, but it did hit me viscerally with all the kid’s deaths. Well alright, I love those guys.

Like many fantasy readers, I enjoy stories dealing with anti-heroes. Meanwhile Abercrombie is writing the scenes, adding his grit and authentic dialogue to Sanderson’s framework.

Quotes from Low Town. They get to talking about this and that, of course Abercrombie tries his best not http: He’s getting old, has bad habits, deals drugs, isn’t the best at anything, but is dangerous and clever. But I’ll be damned if I wasn’t grinning from ear to ear as I turned those pages. Low Town providing me with a strong dose of grimdark yet blending it so well with noir crime that it provided me with an exhilarating hit of something fresh and exciting. Unable to provide any direct exposition, Polansky dribbles out the world through Warden’s encounters, memories, and dreams.


Last I checked authors are in the story telling business and Polansky tells a great story. It is as every review says ‘a detective thriller in a noir fantasy setting’. Take the progeny of a half millennium of inbred idiots, first cousins, and hemophiliacs.

Ali opet odlicno condos, napeto i vuce da se cita dalje tako da ce mo nastaviti serijal. The truth is, this little story here has me a teensy bit confused: Even though Polansky does give us quite a bit of backstory on him, I would love to know more.

Lists with This Book. It is, however, the most entertaining. Told polandky the first person, Low Town is, and I don’t think I’m the first to report, a crime noir story in a fantastical setting. Sadly, it appears that there is only audio for the first book, so I’ll have to read, danisl than listen to, book 2.

As for the rest of the serieswell… Get it? Vrlo zabavana grim dark detektivska prica. Dime cual es tu veneno preferido y te lo conseguire.

Daniel Polansky – Ebook Bike

Sometime you have characters like that and they are made more human by those that surround them. Not bad for a first novel that has an ugly addict as the main protagonist polamsky, Apart from the warden the other characters are underdeveloped,, Although there is magic,it’s unclear how it works “Sanderson”spoiled us with his cool magic systems,, I knew from the beginning who eaniel culprits were but i was unclear on the motive I might have to wait another 8 years for the next – and Marc Aplin of fantasy-faction.

Apr 24, Twerking To Beethoven rated it liked it. Sometimes that worked out and other time he seemed more of a jerk because of those surrounding him. I could almost taste the scents of Low Town, and feel the cold from the storms as they roared in. Themes from The Wire like corruption, institutional dysfunction or disinterestand poverty are also reflected in the novel through Warden’s colored perceptions.


Welcome to Low Town. Once he was a hero danile the Great War, and then najos member of the dreaded Black House. He creates a mystery within a mystery within a mystery. That happens as you get older and the world moves on I understand. I like the 2. After a fall from grace five years ago, a man known as the Warden leads a poolansky of crime, addicted to cheap violence and expensive drugs.

Author: Daniel Polansky

Now Flndos struggling NOT to lower my rating to 2 miserable little stars. It’s not even the best debut. Well this didn’t go quite as planned. I am a bit shocked that reviews are not higher for this book as it really does have a lot to offer.

Overall, an interesting read. Sure he did his stint in the military, danisl tried to work as a detective with the ppolansky. I now have goodreads to help me make sure I don’t spend my hard earned dollars on bad books. Others might not find polanskg an issue at all, preferring low magic settings, but I could have used a little more of the fantastical in my fantasy, if you know what I mean.

However when I finally did get around to reading it I was not disappointed! For me personally it was just OK. Well-written fantasy noir – dark as you’d expect, with an interesting blend of influences and big things at stake. Hubo un tiempo en que estaba del lado de la ley.