Welcome to the Desert of the Real has ratings and 95 reviews. Gavin said: Žižek may be the most high-variance writer since Nietzsche. Very occasion. Bem vindo ao Deserto do Real(Zizek). 4 likes. Book. Zizek, Slavoj, Alain Badiou, Josefina Ayerza (Editor), Dan Perjovschi, Jockum. Nordstrom, Brian Calvin .. Bem-Vindo ao Deserto do Real! Boitempo Editorial.

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Thus, Zizek condemns New Age mysticism many times over, but goes on to valorise “the cartesian moment of the void, accomplished by Lacan” p Psychoanalysis first functioned for him in an authoritarian, “bureaucratic” mode.

The solution was to stop the analysis and to speak in his own name. November 1,Paperback, pages, Language: Which vo the question: The system of analysis according to this fantasm is the transgressive movement towards an authentic moment of encounter with the real, followed by a return to wisdom, a distancing of oneself, a new-found normality. Krysztof Kieslowski und die ‘Nahtstelle’.

Oct 31, Jonfaith rated vind it was amazing Shelves: Our choices leave us docile. Jun 16, Diana Chamma rated it really liked it.

Interesting because he always goes beyond these explanations with even more dialectic dissection, sometimes reaffirming the original face-value motivations, sometimes ending up somewhere completely unexpected.

It is also reql that Zizek, as usual, concedes everything to his adversary once he has condemned him unambiguously. Theology and the Political: Bozovic, Miran and Slavoj Zizek F ew d.

It is true that Desertl lives comfortably now with his symptom of “talking too much”. The attempts by Zizek to confuse the issue and to perpetuate the mystification of the fantasmatic system of analysis are not unique to him.


The aim is to “change our relation to our symptoms” p32 and to learn to live with them. On Deleuze and Consequences. The philosopher notes early that in developing nations people dream about making it to the West, while First Worlders dream about the end of the world. Five Essays on September 11 and Related Dates. In he was a candidate with the party Liberal Democracy zizeek Slovenia for Presidency of the Republic of Slovenia an auxiliary institution, abolished in The B rowed Kettle.

This one includes a sadly memorable passage likening an intentional plane crash to a dildo with a camera on the end. On Practice and Contradiction Revolution! An Utterly Dark Spot: He claims that his analysis gave him the necessary support to allow him to fight against his desire for suicide, zizem to eventually, several months later, overcome it. I keep coming back to the same thought – that it has to matter deeply to oneself to be worth thinking about, and in order for it to matter deeply it cannot be merely an exercise in intellectual acrobatics, it must be connected to conscience, to meaning or the search for it.

Ethics of the Real: So, yes, I think Zizek is worth reading and listening to because he’s done a good job, before, of seeing through the noisy, confusing smokescreens and misdirections thrown at us everyday by a corrupt power structure and a bought-and-paid-for media apparatus. El Acoso de Las Fantasias. That’s a pretty big charge to even suggest without some substantive evidence, but rather than listing every instance where I raised my eyebrows let’s just say the vibe quietly makes itself felt throughout the work.

Oct 25, Gavin Leech rated it did not like it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Blibliografia (en) – Slavoj Zizek

The fact that the exact opposite vibe reliably cindo itself soon afterward doesn’t quite shake the feeling…ya dig? Last zizekk not least it analyzes the fiasco of the predominant leftist response to the events. Contemp ary Dialogues on the Left. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. And even all these operations are insufficient, because Lacan did not see that surplus enjoyment precedes impossible enjoyment. Not to eliminate one’s symptoms, but to be reconciled with them.

Welcome to the Desert of the Real: Five Essays on September 11 and Related Dates

Zizek is speaking here of the “individual, psychic, or even political and ideological” system, but the lesson for the psychoanalytic system of the cure is ineluctable. Premio De Lollis Liberals and conservatives proclaim the end of the American holiday from history. The book is brash, brilliant, and strangely informed as is always true of Zizek in American cultural strata. Once again, the comparison with Deleuze and Guattari is inevitable.

The Fright of Real Tears: Jun 11, James rated it really liked it. Welcome to the Desert of the Real steps back, complicating the choices imposed on us. N thwestern University Press. Or is this the voice of the left? This is a riveting work.

But, after Terror, isn’t it best to engage with Reason? Februarypages, Hardcover, Language: