Neil Gresham tells us how to get stronger but stay safe when using a campus- board training to gain strength and endurance. In order for you to get the most out of this short Fall climbing season, try increasing your contact and core strength with campus board training. Learning how to. When it comes to training one of the most intimidating tools we can think of is the campus board. We know that this big, imposing board covered.

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Hold the bottom rung with both hands, then pull up and, with one hand, touch or hold a high rung. Thanks for the very helpful instructions! When you are on one people tend to turn their head your way. Campus board training is a fantastic tool for improving tralning climbing.

Why Train on the Campus Board?

Exclude the down-campus until you are comfortable campusing to the top. However, if you wish to work your arms more, use whichever grip you find easiest. First-time campus boarders should go once a week, then build up to twice a week. One consideration for selecting the angle of inclination is the avoidance of any interference that may result between the user’s legs and the campus board or wall.

The further you throw the more contact strength will be required to grab traiining hold. The first number, 0, denotes the number of trainnig in between your two hands at the starting position. Our site uses cookies for advertising, analytics and to improve our sites and services. Full crimp is actually the most powerful of the grip types and that means that you must be aware you are not accidentally changing into it when you are trying hard.


Conversely, a max effort bump involves bumping up until you fall. This exercise takes the pulling factor out of the equation and really targets your ability to snap into a position of strength.

Campus board

Up, down, traverse, up, down, traverse, up, down…you get the idea. In order to minimize susceptibility to injury and increase the productivity of your training, employ the following:. This is poor form and will cause a lot of damage to your joints. May 17, at One campusboagd that would be great would be to use a strong board to show the all-time records and motivate those who are working out.

You brace yourself and go for broke. Strangely enough, you traiinng actually use a campus board for endurance. For a power endurance workout, start matched on a rung, explode off one arm and tap the highest rung you can reach, then come back down to the rung you started on and go immediately camlusboard the other side.

Campus Board Training: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

By Neil Gresham November 7th, And watching loads of YouTube videos. When it comes to training one of the most intimidating tools we can think of is the campus board.

Do you want to make bigger, more powerful moves? Campus boards ARE intimidating.

Campus board – Wikipedia

October 5, at 3: See how high you can go. The most basic ladder, shown below, entails starting matched on a rung, campusing to the top rung without skipping or matching rungs, matching the top rung, then down-campusing in a similar manner. Can you only stick that hold from a static position, or can you stick it after a dynamic move as well? A campus board is a training tool that has been widely adopted to improve rock climbing performance. Would you recommend continuing the ladder sets of 4 or doing more with feet on or something else?


Rather than campus year round, tdaining in phases of three to six weeks. Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Campus boards can take a variety of different forms and may incorporate a variety of materials.

Smaller rungs or slopers are generally better to aim for as more contact strength will be required to hold them. I agree to my personal data being stored and used as per Privacy Policy. Make sure you are hanging for a second first and not jumping off the ground! There are countless possibilities. Raised in the mountains of Campusbboard, Danaan is a man on a mission to combine his two favourite things — adventure and bouldering.

Sustained, great for endurance, and incredibly tolling. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookies. Juniors under 17 years of age should not do foot-off campusing. Hanging with bad form.

Campus-Board Training

campusbosrd The 3 grip types are: Pull through on this, and catch a higher rung with the lower arm. A type of movement is much more powerful as you must generate most of the second movement from only one arm. There are a few different types of training you can use a campus board for and deciding what to do depends on your climbing goals.