The caracol represents the ideals of an autonomous Zapatista government with direct reference to a distant Maya past on two levels, and. Para conocer la historia y el trabajo de los Caracoles, las Juntas de Buen Gobierno y de los Caracoles Zapatistas se retoma la palabra del al anunciar su. Professor Marissa Forbis, a Chiapas veteran, explains the current arrangement in the Zapatista caracoles in more detail during a recent.

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A Schools for Chiapas Mural Delegation had the wonderful experience of the community preparing a lavish banquet for them, despite the indigenous families precarious economic situation. Nothing remains any more of the small clinic that treated wounded insurgents during the war.

Unfortunately, there is still a belief that if daughters leave the village they will get up to no good.

La Garriga was declared a sister city to the township of El Trabajo municipality many years ago and is now working with the autonomous authorities in other townships in the zone on education, health, and agro-ecological projects. We especially welcome you suggestions and support.

One odd fact that tells a lot about autonomous education is that to enroll in basic education each child brings a chicken as payment, because the education promoters now rely on a farm with chickens and eggs to provide food for their pupils.

Anastasio, an elderly Tzotzil Zapatista, is the director of general health at the Guadalupana clinic—one of the first established by the EZLN. Experience has shown that the first one to raise a fist will lose politically. Despite these caracolex, the Zapatistas are making advances.

Enlace Civil A.C.

The activities and the responsibilities of each autonomous municipality are dependent on the will of their members, and on their level of consolidation. They explain that education is one of the demands of the EZLN, and since the Zapatistas have looked for a way of organizing education in their communities.


In the first year of autonomous self-government, 4, visitors came here from across the globe. Tuberculosis, respiratory problems, rheumatism, skin infections, malaria, and typhoid are some of the common illnesses of poverty seen, and women suffer frequent miscarriages brought on by malnutrition and lack of prenatal care.

Thus, Autonomy is understood as bringing people together, not separating them: Most recently, the biggest achievement in health has been the inauguration of an operating room.

In this zone there is no dental service, zapatistaw clinics with operating rooms, no hospital services, much less an ambulance.

Schools for Chiapas photos Three men and three women answered the call, and they left zapatistax families and are now working as interns. If we leave our work it means that the taunting has defeated us. They deal with ongoing and new matters brought before them.

What is Zapatista Autonomy?

In the community schools there are almost the same number of girls as boys. We need more women to participate, but the change must begin in the family. Gender inequality is also visible in the area of education, but only at the level of promoters, educators, or education delegates here there are three types. A good place to start is with the original meaning of the word: Articles caraoles Spanish-language text Pages using infobox country or infobox former country with the symbol caption or type parameters All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Previously, the vaccination campaigns were run by the zaapatistas agency.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In case you missed it! In the first, of 21 pupils only three cxracoles women and only five women were in the second group of 19 pupils. A total of health promoters look after Zapatista and non-Zapatista patients in more than community health houses.

They use basic medicines, some pharmaceutical and some herbal. During Schools for Chiapas will grow and distribute medical and other useful plants throughout Zzapatistas communities from The Very Different Nursery. This is not over yet. Sometimes issues discussed at the assembly need to be brought forward to the Junta. They all have a blackboard, desks, the Mexican flag and, of course, the Zapatista flag, and some have tape zaoatistas and other teaching tools.


Instead, the Zapatistas are clear that autonomy for them is not about separation but respecting traditions and customs usos y costumbres with power being exercised on a community level, as the community sees fit. They also use organic fertilizers without chemicals.

He takes videos with his mini-camera that are later edited on an Apple Mac. And it is precisely through education that Tzotzil women are beginning to see other opportunities.

It is an herbalist lab and center for preserving foods, and it forms part of a health project that is the pride of this zone. The Board supports them with food, travel, shoes, and clothes. Family income began to fall as a result. Because of this we need to strengthen discussion and work. This is a rebel region, caracopes place of poverty and extreme marginalization, and also the Zapatista territory most visited by people from all over the world.

Decision-making flows back and forth on decisions that are of a movement-level nature or of regional importance. Mariana Mora — Indigenous Autonomous Municipalities. In the autonomous municipality of Roberto Barrios, for example, the children learn to care for the earth when they sow the land, and they also learn about issues of hygiene and how to prevent illnesses.

A lab for clinical analysis has just started up, run by specialized promoters. The idea came about because most of us have not been educated, or if we have, it was a very zapatistws official education.