L’art de la déstabilisation psycho cognitive-Thomas BONNECARRERE. Enviado por. Thomas BONNECARRERE. Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini. L’art de la déstabilisation psycho cognitive-Thomas BONNECARRERE. Cargado por. Thomas BONNECARRERE. Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini. Cours de Cartomagie Tome1_ Alex. Uploaded by. Simon Moreau · Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini. Uploaded by. Richard Lefebvre · Tissot – Tour de.

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Comes complete with poker-size Bicycle cards and photo-illustrated instructions York, Scotty: An effect based on Phil Goldstein’s “Counter Revolution” where Aces and Kings are shown and the Kings are placed into different parts of the deck. Apocalypse Vol 20 No. Silvio Regular user Posts. Mystoffelees Inner circle I haven’t changed anyone’s opinion in Posts. It cannot be Marlo as such if you consider the effect as an only four cards counted as four effect for Alex Elmsley wrote about his count to Vernon before releasing it and Vernon invented Twisting the Aces at about the same time when Alex Elmsley released his count.


The presentation is the most important part in this routine. The magician tells a story about a strange poker game he played with his friends. Treasure Valley Twist marketed item available on http: Thanks, Jim Also known, when doing rope magic, as “Cordini”.

Repeatedly twisting the pack turns one of the tens face up. Mar 21, Some have to be created. Direct Twisting the Aces effect Burt, Brad: The Commercial Magic Of J. A Walt Rollins variant.

Four face up Aces turn face down one at a time, then all four turn face up. Now if you consider the effect without the Elmsley count.

Wesley James Thank you Wesley, sorry to have missed these references. Twisting cattomagie Aces McClintock, Reed: Apocalypse Vol 5 No. But that’s an oversimplified statement.

A third ace just as magically appears The aces one by one turn face-up while the four aces are merely shown and counted. It’s the one I always use and the one I most oftn have the spectators asking ‘Let me see those cards’.

All of the cards instantly turn face up for the climax! Pabular p Twisting the aces revisited or Son of twisting the aces same as Fred Kaps except for the idea of showing the joker and get out clean Bich, Mathieu. Instead Marlo uses his F.


Aldo – CartomagieTranslate this page – [PDF Document]

Queen packet is displayed, and one card keeps turning upside down. The Queens are eliminated 1 by 1 until only 1 remains, but it is not the Queen, it is the selection Dingle, Derek: As a climax the backs become multicolor. Yet another vote for Vernon’s original.

He places the third ace on the table and decides to try one last time. He displays a four-card poker hand of blue-backed imprompthe.

Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini

NickDiffatte New user 25 Posts. Twisting the Aces Posted: Then finally the aces are placed in the cut deck to prevent any sleight of hand but still all four turn face up in the face down deck Wagner, J. Universal Twist Racherbaumer, Jon. After a progressive twist with red backs the backs turn out to be blue backs.