EX-V8. User’s Guide. KPCM1DMX. Thank you for purchasing this CASIO product. Uploader for CASIO are registered trademarks or trademarks of CASIO .. With the EXILIM logo on the battery facing downwards (in. The Casio Exilim EX-V8 is Casio’s second ultra-compact, ultra-zoom In macro and manual modes, you can focus on subjects as close as An unbiased, in-depth review of the Casio Exilim EX-V8 digital camera The full camera manual — the most useful of the bunch — is found only.

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You can also store a “zero star” rating, which tells the camera to ignore a specific individual if they’re detected in the picture. You select the situation, and the camera picks the appropriate settings.

Check to make sure you do not need any of the data in built-in memory before manua, format it. Connecting a non-specified device protect yourself against burn injury. Press [ ] and then use [ ] Adjust volume and [ ].

You can resize a snapshot to any one of the following sizes.

EX-V8 – Digital Cameras – Manuals – CASIO

From what I can tell, the black one is exclusive to BestBuy stores. Here’s the second of the ISO tests in this review.

Ecilim no index — just a table of contents — and in many areas Casio has either skimmed over subjects very briefly where further detail would have been greatly helpful, or simply skipped features altogether. Images are captured by an 8. Releasing the shutter button stops shooting. The focus frame of the face that is focused becomes green.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Lots to talk about before we move on. To play back a movie, first copy it to mankal computer and manuwl double-click the movie file. When browsing available “Best Shot” modes, an example picture is given for each, along with a brief description of the settings used to create the required effect, and any requirements of the photographer.


You won’t wait for much longer at the telephoto end either, with focus times staying under one second most of the time. Images are named CIMG. The V8 also has sensor-shift image stabilization, which lets you take photos at slower shutter speeds than you exlim otherwise. There’s also a “portrait refiner” feature available though only in record modewhich lets you increase noise reduction, which is supposed to improve skin texture.

Set the mode dial to “M”. Nifty as it is, though, it seems like a lot to learn and adjust, and is likely beyond manuql needs and interest of most users. Shooting with Zoom Your camera provides you with 7X optical zoom which changes the lens focal distancewhich can be used in combination with digital zoom which digitally process the center portion of the image to enlarge it for total zoom capabilities exolim 28 – In addition to memory card storage, the camera also has built-in memory, which is enough to hold a few snapshots or a short movie.

At telephoto, it only reaches to 5.

EX-V8 Manual

There’s fairly mild barrel distortion at the wide end of the EX-V8’s lens. The focal length of the lens is 6. Page After displaying the movie frame you want, press [SET]. Press the shutter button all the way down without exilkm. It will track a moving subject for you, though it cuts the resolution down to 3MP for some reason.

Open the battery cover. The actual number of images you may be able to record may cssio less than that indicated on the monitor screen. Load the memory card to which you want to copy the files into the camera. The V8 has a fancy face recognition system you can load your family members into its memorythough I wasn’t terribly impressed with its performance.


Images and movies can be reviewed by pressing the “Play” button, and a half-press of ed shutter button will return you swiftly to Record mode, ready to take advantage of an unexpected photo opportunity. Not only can photos be viewed one-at-a-time or in thumbnail view, you can also browse by date using a calendar. Whether this is a good or bad thing is up to you: Under certain conditions, a fast shutter speed in combination with a high ISO sensitivity setting can cause digital noise, which makes an image appear rough.

Just fair, based on my tests. You also can’t charge the battery or use the video output without the cradle, meaning it’s an extra item you’ll need to pack when traveling.

Recorded with image data, Time stamp Auto Calendar: Load a memory card into the camera. Load the battery into the camera. Then you can cut out the image s you want to use. To charge the battery Swing the battery cover closed, and then cadio it securely 1.

The following describes to two available face recognition modes. I found that to be way too slow for action shots in the real world.

Of course, as with just about every digicam these days, the Casio EX-V8 includes face detection technology; however, Casio’s implementation is rather more feature-rich than most. Short Movie shoots a movie that starts four seconds before the Because of this, use of a wxilim is recommended under these shutter