Chosen by God [R. C. Sproul] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With nearly , copies sold in its 25 years, Chosen by God by Dr. With nearly , copies sold in its 25 years, Chosen by God by Dr. R. C. Sproul is a contemporary classic on predestination, a doctrine that isn’t just for. Tackling the subject of predestination, Sproul argues that it paints a portrait of a loving God who provides redemption for radically corrupt humans, rather than.

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Are you willing to be content and at peace when God decrees s There are a few questions you must settle in your mind to determine whether what is written in this book is true.

I heartily recommend this book for all: He also explains his and most people’s personal struggle coming to terms the seemingly contradictory duality of God’s sovereignty via predestination and man’s free will – making the argument that the two are not polar opposites and, in fact, fit neatly with each other. He’s not afraid to admit when he doesn’t have an answers, and this shows both humility and insight. While his explanation including much which I have left out is not perfect, he does successfully emphasize that we can trust that God would not do what was unjust, and that is the most important thing.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. He anticipates the questions and objections that may be raised and masterfully answers them using the Scriptures as his foundation. See all Product description. He gives justice to the reprobate by leaving them in their own sins. One choice leads to a life of shortsighted denial and pride Even if you don’t end up agreeing with him, you don’t feel on the defensive the way you would after reading something by James White or Robert Morey.


If my freedom runs up against God’s freedom, I lose. Predestination and Free Will Every choice is both free and self-determined, because we choose according to our strongest inclination at the moment.

Chosen By God: Know God’s Perfect Plan for His Glory and His Children

Sproul walks the reader through the process of analyzing these topics in a logical order and showing what the Word of God says.

Jun 12, Kells Next Read rated it really liked it Shelves: I sometimes feel the authors are working toward winning debate points. The idea of a fall which has affected still seems a bit wrong on a core, intuitive level, and yet, even if the Bible didn’t clearly say that such a thing was true, simple reason says that something of the sort must have happened.

Reformed theology teaches that predestination occurs in the workings of the regeneration of heart, giving it a new set of desires, which then drives new and freely acted upon ny – chief of these, being the desire e.c.sproul freely choose Christ.

RC Sproul is a great teacher and writer. That line of lucid thinking alone is f.c.sproul the price of the book. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. See also Rom 8: An understanding of God’s utter holiness, man’s total depravity, and God’s grace, justice, Dr. This topic, though, can lead to another whole discussion, as the question is raised: We need to first understand what it is we’re describing when we say “freedom.

Write a r.c.eproul review.

Mar 16, Jeanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: These are among some of the most controversial and misunderstood terms that come up in theological discussions amongst evangelical Christians, and they are the concepts that Dr. Get to Know Us. Countless people over the past few decades have approached this book as skeptics, refusing to accept such a view of God One important passages that he more or less just passes over is John 3: In Calvinism, it seems you are free to choose A or B, but A is not possible.


As a future missionary I saw reformed theology as a cop-out for people who didn’t want to share the gospel with others. You are reading the work of such a convert”-R.

Chosen by God eBook: R. C. Sproul: : Kindle Store

No one is a victim of injustice. He has always explained even sticky subjects where anyone could understand.

Sep 03, Jeremy rated it it was amazing. I did go to sleep several nights while reading this book with smoke coming out of my ears!!

I was wondering if I actually needed to read this book, as I have already read other R C books and was familiar with the arguments. To say that God is completely r.c.sproul in the salvation of individuals seems to offend them, stepping on the toes of their precious free will.

Sproul produced hundreds of lecture series and recorded numerous video series on subjects such as the history of philosophy, theology, Bible study, apologetics, and Christian chosfn.

If I can only choose what God has already decreed, then how can my choice be a real choice?