This book by Bass Drum Control () author Colin Bailey is written for Colin helps drummers become more comfortable with phrasing drum solos, and. Colin Bailey – Drum Solos – The Art of Phrasing. Report. Published on Oct- View Download AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook. Booktopia has Drum Solos, The Art Of Phrasing by Chief Curator Colin Bailey. Buy a discounted Paperback of Drum Solos online from.

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I always got a lesson from him then.

The phrasig nova craze, epitomized by “The Girl From Ipanema,” had also come and gone by the late s. Atwell’s manager arranged for Bailey to start playing with the house band on Australia’s Channel 9 in Sydney, and as a side gig he would sit in with the big jazz names that came through the continent.

Colin Bailey – Drum Solos – The Art of Phrasing

It would be like 3 o’clock in the morning and he would eat this big bowl of chili. But he caught a lucky break. They won contests and things like that. Bailey called Feldman “a genius.

Bailey, Colin: Drum Solos – The Art of Phrasing (Buch + CD) – Brandt – Percussion-Noten-Versand

When that happened, I thought, shit, Ray Brown is the greatest bass player that ever lived,” said Bailey. I was from England! Bailey had his first lesson on the drums when he was seven. What we tend to forget now is that there were music scenes throughout the country that had their own distinct styles and culture.

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So he offered me the gig and fired his drummer and got me. V-disc was short for “victory discs. Oh, God, cornball stuff.

We were just so damn close. That’s why he got a nice sound, beautiful sound when the three instruments play in unison. My uncle was in the band.

He gave me so much work. I played pretty much all through my childhood. I played with him inand part of He’s also never stopped learning. When asked if his parents saw him achieve success, he said, “My father came to the London Palladium in when I was playing with singer Vic Damone. He has a lot to show for the kid of 15 who first stepped outside those school gates knowing he was going to be a drummer. There was a club in Berkeley we played — I forget what that was called.

God, there used to be so many jazz clubs.


Newer Post Older Post Home. While his schoolmates were doing their homework, Bailey was down at the Savoy Theatre in Swindon playing with the big bands that travelled through the area.


One of the most underrated, but not amongst the guys. I think that’s what killed jazz.

Drum Solos: The Art of Phrasing – Colin Bailey – Google Books

From that, we went to Australia on a tour in and we were on tour for 15 months in Australia and New Zealand. We had a good-sized house and I had my own room with my drums to practice. Bailey xolin he and biley wife Jan decided not to live in England and they emigrated to Australia. The hottest piano player I ever heard. Drummers occupy a unique place in the panorama of music history.

He had come baioey the Jazz Workshop with Jimmy Witherspoon and we played a three week gig, six nights a week, and Sunday afternoons,” said Bailey. Guaraldi’s stature as the creator of the iconic music for the Charlie Brown TV specials has overshadowed, to a very powerful degree, the fact that he was a hugely respected jazzman.