El día de 9 de enero del se aprobó el decreto reglamentario del Régimen General de Promoción de Inversiones (Ley Nº año. 31); Decreto del Presidente Della Repubblica No. of of 25/06/ updating decreto ministeriale of 21/03/ concerning . Tel: (+) 1 38 Agraria, aprobado mediante Decreto Legislativo Nº. Que, el artículo 38° del Decreto Supremo N° Fecha: 29/06/

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What do we do? My wife will join me from iran. I think this opt-out provision in the Treaty that allows UK, Ireland and Demark to opt-out of EU treaty provisions should be reviewed and abolished.

Also it broadens the definition of family to also include non-married partners. My wife has the new UK biometric ID card which replaces the paper copy of a visa and lists how long she can stay in the UK etc etc just as the old paper visa would.

In August this year I will be marrying my Armenian fiance. Visa requirements for family of EU citizen? This is the jackboot bully, you cannot reason with them, they will not admit error, instead you must go above them.

Ive come to the Uk in Februaryas a Romanian citizen, got my Blue Card in Aprilsince then ive been exercising my treaty rights. This is very important to know as we have decrwto very serious business plans to carry out in other MS.


Help me to find this decreto decrreto 04 pdf printer. If Third-country nationals already enjoy this rights under other EU directives, why are EU-nationals being denied such right?.

She is married to me a UK citizen and my name is on the visa as per European regulations. Than i got separated from my husband and raising my son by myself with no financial help from his dad. She lives with us, is dependent on us, and my wife has sole custody of her.

decreto 38 04 pdf writer

I am Danish, live in sweden and work in Denmark. The 3-04 being is that my family live in the UK and we will be making regular visits there for short holidays. Post was not sent decretto check your email addresses! Who are “primary” family members? We have been told that she has to see the British Embassy in Syria first then go to the Spanish Embassy, of which she lives a 4 hour drive from.

I would advise you to attend at the Spanish embassy to apply for a schengen Visa or a multiple travel Visa from the spanish embassy.

Can anyone offer any clarification of how decretoo legally stand?

I would also advise that you submit a complaint to the European Commission and a copy to the European Parliament. Even they r violating there own law by not issuing me 3 months join eea spouse visa which has to be issued under no demand except marriage 38-004 and passport as mentioned on http: We never receive any documents from them and our solicitor told us to Report Police.


Directive /38/EC | freedom of movement in the EU

However, Article 18EC still apply. No-cost, easy, fast issue of visas Easy right to stay for up to 90 days if so desired.

If the Directive did not apply a day before its implementation, then it cannot acknowledge residence before that date. But an ILR is what you get once you have the right to remain, whereas the Residence Card is a temporary issue permit. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Once married we need to arrange for her to emigrate to Spain to live with me. We will get on plane and we will land to London.

decreto 38 04 pdf printer

I was told no i need to show 1 year comprehensive sickness insurance or either i withdraw my application from the embasssy or i show a job offer for my decretl from ireland or 380-4 refusal. And i passed to borders without visa. We reside in UK and want to travel to Portugal to see family but my visa is not ready.

But forgetting that the six months period only apply to right of residence. As regards what you require to travel on holidays to spain: The three months period of grace apply to all EEA nationals.