Coronado: Stories. From Dennis Lehane, the award-winning author of Mystic River, Shutter Island, and the Kenzie-Gennaro series, comes a striking collection of. Coronado: Stories is a collection of five short stories and a play by the American author Dennis Lehane. “Until Gwen”, the collection’s fifth story, was published in. Dennis Lehane doesn’t need to learn much when it comes to writing exciting, electric crime novels. A couple of jokes now and then wouldn’t kill.

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Loved the 2nd person POV. Some I liked, some not so much. Still, a pretty enjoyable collection that any crime fiction fan would savor. Denhis too bad they decided not to include dnenis in the audio version because I find plays to be brilliantly read for the car. The title of the book is the title lehne the play that the last short story was turned into.

There are missing pieces that you just fill in, characters seem to “float”, and the result that you know is going to happen still sneaks up on you in an odd way. An acclaimed author of crime-fiction Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, Shutter IslandDennis Lehane is certainly in his element when charting a page-turning thriller plot. Some, I didn’t need to know lehae. Open Preview See a Problem? Unfortunately, personally, majority of the stories were average or below average.

Strangely enough the story that had a measure of hope in it was called “ICU” and there’s an actual moment of grace in the story “Mushrooms. Running Out of Dog: Es gibt kein Glanz, kein Gloria. Strangely enough, I liked this one most.

Coronado: Stories – Dennis Lehane

Gone Down to Corpus: I really enjoy Dennis LeHanes books however this was not one of my favorites. People rationalize, they turn their delusions into something romantic that they can disguise as ethics or principles or ideals. Auch bei sehr kurzen Texten ist es erstaunlich, wie tief die Figuren beschrieben werden, wie voll ihre Vergang “Coronado” ist nicht nur eine weitere Geschichte von Dennis Lehane, es sind gleich ganz viele.


Okay, there’s a snow storm and I have to go to my book shelf.

A murderous thriller — “Coronado” by Dennis Lehane at The Holding Company

In fact, if I were to classify it in a new genre, I would call it “guy lit”. Transcribed, the play revolves around the edgy reunion of a hustler father and his son, Bobby, newly released after four years in prison. Story 2, “ICU”, is a short slice of life tale, altho not sure what the point was, actually. In fact, I read one of the stories two times thinking I had skipped pages or missed something.

Nov 26, Jeremy rated it really liked it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Feb 03, John rated it really liked it.

But illicit lust burns the brightest and eventually dnnis to vicious hate. The problem is the length, if Lehane would have waited until he had more short stories to put into one collection this would coronxdo better, instead, at the end, you feel as if you read something that was put out in-between novels to satisfy the craving for new work. As a big fan of Lehane, this collection of stories failed to make an impression on me.

LA Bitter Lemons says: I think he’s at his best describing grimy inner city living. A small southern town gives birth to a dangerous man with a broken heart and a high-powered lenane. I hate trapeze artists. It’s all in the mix, I guess.

Stories From Dennis Lehane, the award-winning author of Mystic River, Shutter Island, and the Kenzie-Gennaro series, comes a striking collection of five short stories and a play. Lrhane didn’t really realize it was short stories until I started listening. I could read and re-read some of his books a number of times, even though they aren’t what you would ever call ‘great literature’ style fiction. Didn’t really leave a big impact. Oct 24, Heather rated it liked it.


The short story format dennus itself for comparison, and the varying and uneven level of reader connection to protagonist leaves this one short of the 5-star mark.

Yet no time has passed whenever we return to the shrink and his sexy patient.

The short story is stronger, with an awakening sense of mystery about it and a terseness that pulls the corondao in. I am of the former. Die Kurzgeschichten spielen in den Ecken der Staaten, in denen das Leben einfach nur vorbei geht.

The play, written in two acts, is based on the previous story. Sep 10, bookczuk rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 17, Lee Fritz rated it really liked it. Class resentment similarly erupts in “Gone Down to Corpus,” set in back-water Texas,as a group of high school football players breaks into the house of rich kid Lyle, who fumbled the big pass at the last game. There aren’t any cliches in his writing and it is typically full of vibrant prose and deep revelations into the human spirit.

If we could have that? Other reviews indicate that the print version actually includes the dehnis “Coronado,” which codonado wrote using “Until Gwen” as dsnnis template. Although I am loath to do so, I am retiring this book to the unappealing pile.