Dino Kraspedon is the author of My Contact with Flying Saucers ( avg rating, 5 ratings, 1 review, published ), Contato com os Discos Voadores (4. Flying Saucer from Mars and My Contact with Flying Saucers: 2 Books in One: From the Golden Age of Flying Saucers. Dino Kraspedon. from: $ This web page shows detailed accounts of conversations that took place with sentient beings claiming to be from space and describes how ufo are powered.

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We krasepdon this to show the reader that we never did have, nor have, any desire for publicity; the publication of this book has been brought upon us by force of circumstance.

What he can never be forgiven is wilful dinp and the abuse of knowledge endangering the life and most cherished aspirations of his less enlightened and intelligent fellow krsspedon. I appear to be lost in a tangle of equations, and the mere mention of a parameter in a calculation drives me insane. Within a short time we were being pressed from all sides to tell the whole story, which we had to repeat a number of times.

This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat The wave of Truth will one day break over them and submerge them. Open Preview See a Problem? Sometimes I live on Ganymede, and dimo on Io, just as you move around from one city to another. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

There is krapedon one thing we would like to state, as a matter of conscience. The Soviets replied by saying that not only was there an 86 kg. When we arrived, thinking that it was an ordinary social call, we were met by about forty people’ who had been “specially” invited to hear us.

Sherbon marked it as to-read May 30, The thing that appals us is that the long hours, the sacrifice of lives, and all the efforts of thousands of vino minds which only had the common good in view should have been diverted by pseudo-scientists towards the destruction of this humanity which produced so many geniuses and which is held in such high esteem by the truly wise.


So, many topics are approached; but most relevant, in my view, is the tremendous amount of ktaspedon knowledge this “parson” reveals and demonstrates. If they accept our scientific theories, may they not forget to take note of our ethical conclusions also.

We are fully aware of the risks we run, if it turns out that we have been victims of a cruel deception, but we remain undaunted. WHEN we wrote this book we had not expected so rapid a confirmation of many of our affirmations. As a rule priests dress unostentatiously, but this one was singularly well turned out.

Such exchanges between the inhabitants of other worlds who have been able to free themselves from the shackles that still bind the feet kraspsdon proud homo sapiens are probably at a kraspfdon level than we can conceive of, and for reasons that are beyond our imagination.

At this height, free of the atmosphere and subject only to a small proportion of the vertical component of magnetism, the satellite becomes more subject to its horizontal component and moves at a certain speed corresponding to the relation between its mass and the magnetic impulse. We have disregarded them and not taken offence. On the same satellite we have men who are small or large, white, black or dark.


If this is a reasonable premise, then it is also equally possible that there should be an exchange of scientific, spiritual and other ideas between planets. View all 3 comments.

As we did not wish to appear discourteous to our hosts, we invented some fairy stories about flying saucers which passed the time and gave full rein to our sense of humour. Index of ufology articles. We could say the same for a great many others in all branches of knowledge where the flash of genius was accompanied by tremendous mistakes.


Graham added it Aug 17, Our names are based on a combination of sounds which would be unintelligible to you, for whom one name is as good as another.

Aladino FĂ©lix

The doorbell rang three times. We do not attack science as such, but only those who pervert it.

A few days later he invited us to visit a friend of his. Or thing is certain however; if I were a foreign agent I show long since have conquered the Earth, and you would have pa dearly for your curiosity which led you into my craft. Not only was he a linguist, but it was obvious from what he said that he was extremely erudite, giving dates and places of historical events and the names of the principal figures involved.

La grande estoile par sept jours bruslera Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir [The great star will burn on seven days and cloud will make two suns appear] The book ends with a sort of challenge for man to choose between life or death.

My Contact with Flying Saucers

Today I have one name, and if tomorrow I should be wiser or better, I should have a different one, and so on. We stayed on board for about an hour looking at the various pieces of equipment in the machine. They can no more deter us with insults than pebbles can stop an advancing wave.

Even if we had taken them down verbatim, we still could cino reproduce the whole message.

It is possible for anyone to make a correct observation, yet draw false conclusions from it.