For Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on the PSP, GameFAQs has 26 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs), 29 cheat codes and secrets, 12 reviews, 42 critic. Take your army on the road and battle for the title of Overlord. For Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on the PSP, GameFAQs has 26 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs).

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Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness

Knife-wielding penguin henchmen that double as grenades. We play the third iteration of this classic strategy role-playing game, which features volatile penguins. Each floor has a gate, a special map square that can be used to go to the next level in the Item World.

Being the first game set in the Disgaea universe, its success has launched a franchise that has seen four sequels, several spin-offs, and adaptations into other media.

Some maps in Disgaea contain Geo Panels, which are represented as squares on the floor of the map of a particular color. Bettenhausen, Shane Oct 1, Afternoon of Darkness cheats Disgaea: The proposals available to place before the senate depend on the disagea of promotion examinations completed by a character; these examinations consist of a battle between a handful of monsters and disgaew single character on the floor of eisgaea Assembly.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness – GameSpot

GameFly offers a weekly ‘Top Ten’ list of its most popular video games. Maderas was also controlling Etna by holding her memory. Disgaea’ s Creators Explain It All.

All this publication’s reviews Read full review. After defeating Vulcanus, Laharl finally meets the Seraph and Flonne explains Vulcanus’ plan and what she has learnt while travelling with Laharl. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Prince of the Netherworld Episode II: Many modifications have been made for the platform, including supporting the Souhei Niikawa and Yoshitsuna Kobayashi, the game’s producer and main programmer, have explained the intended humor of Disgaea ; they give the example of Captain Gordon being a satire of American comic book characters.

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Disgaea is a tactical role playing game. What turns this system on its head is the ability to change the colors of the areas affected by the symbols, or even destroy them altogether. With the exception of the Item World and the Dark Assembly, all maps are accessed by speaking to a dimensional gatekeeper. Disgaea” is a tactical role-playing video game developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software for the Sony PlayStation 2 video game console.

When a Geo Symbol is destroyed on a Geo Panel of a different color than its own, it causes panels of that color to change aternoon the color of the Geo Symbol and damages units on those panels. Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic.

The tactics are perfect for portable SRPG’ers Scattered across the field are a number of different colored areas known as Geo Panels, which bestow different effects onto any creature that happen to move onto that location. The story of Disgaea opens with Laharl rising out of an open coffin in his room. These wfternoon are described in-game as the Netherworld branch of the Rosen Queen Co.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness – Wikipedia

In order to fully utilize the Nintendo DS’ capabilities, several key improvements will be made to the user interface and game system.

Incensed at the idea that anyone else would lay a claim to his birthright, the Prince sets out to reclaim what’s rightfully his.

In Etna Mode, Etna kills Laharl by accident while trying to wake him in the beginning of the game and thus becomes the main character. He had instructed her to kill the prince, but she had put him to sleep for two years by poisoning him instead.


April 3, [3] Microsoft Windows WW: However, he declares that Flonne must be punished because she fought against other angels, and turns her into a flower. The song “The Invasion From Within” by Tsunami Bomb was licensed for the English audio track by Atlus due to its organ opening and fast paceand is only played when English is the selected language. The Nintendo DS version contains the following additional features: Most Recent Forum Activity.

Kurtis abducts Jennifer, and Laharl engages the EDF fleet of spaceships in a rescue attempt, destroying all but the Gargantua by himself.

Character designer Takehito Harada described the prinny design as becoming less realistic as development continued. As Atlus was the publisher of the original PS2 version and arranged for the licensing of the song, and NIS America Nippon Ichi’s American branch published the PSP port themselves, they did not retain the rights to use the song and did not renegotiate for them.

A very good port of the excellent PS2 game with bonus Etna storyline to boot. Retrieved Jan 30, Defeating every monster on the map can also allow the player to ddisgaea. For portable role playing on the go you can’t do much better