Class lecture notes for third Year,sixth semester Antennas & Wave Propagation ( Subject Code: EC) is available here in PDF,DOC. NOTES: (1) When thedirection is not stated, the power gain is usually taken to be thepower gain in the direction of its maximum value. (2) Power gain does not. Department: ECE Subject Code: EC Subject Name: Antenna and Wave Propagation Type: Lecture Notes Edition Details: NPR Edition.

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antennas and wave propagation subject code: ec2353

Define beam solid angle and antenna beam efficiency. How is a high frequency dipole antenna fed and matched with driving source? Explain the principle of traveling wave radiator. Explain the various layers of Ionosphere 5.

Define Gain of antenna. How does a parabolic reflector provide very high gain?

Distinguish between ec253 wave antenna and TWA? Define antenna Radiation Efficiency. What is the principle of microwave antenna? Write short notes on F region Beam width of major lobe 5. Derive an expression to determine Antenna efficiency and Antenna Aperture. What are its important properties? Describe the Slotted line technique for Impedance measurement.


Write a note on Binomial array. What is a Phased array? What are parasitic elements and where are they used? Write short notes on Structure of Troposphere 8. Calculate the radiation resistance of an antenna which is radiating W and drawing current of 5A. Explain the array of N- sources of equal amplitude and spacing- End ef2353 case i Direction of pattern maxima ii.

Write detailed notes on a Horn antennas b Frequency independent antennas.


Obtain the expression for the emf due to loop antenna and explain its use as a Direction finder. Write short notes on Normal E region What is scattering loss aperture?

Direction of pattern minima ii.

What are the parameters to be considered in the design of an helical antenna? Define Transmission bandwidth of an antenna. Calculate the maximum effective aperture of a microwave antenna which noted a directivity of How does it act when length is greater than and smaller than? What is the reason for using Yagi antenna for TV broadcast reception?


ECE lecturer Notes ยป EC Antenna and Wave Propagation Lecture Notes

Derive an expression for the radiated field due to a TWA. Explain the principle of operation and applications of loop antenna.

At what distance is it times. Write short notes on Vertical incidence measurement of the ionosphere. What is standing wave ratio method of impedance measurements?

Define Beam width of antenna. Calculate the maximum effective aperture area of antenna which is operating at a wavelength of 2 meters and has a directivity of Define Fading and Mention its types Why does the normal mode of operation is not preferred in Helical antenna?