Review of Jerónimo Pizarro, Livro do Desassossego, Lisboa, Edição Tinta-da- china, , pp. “Fragmentación y Edición en el Libro del Desasosiego”. 30 jun. Fragmentación y Edición en el Libro del Desasosiego Bernardo Soares no seu Livro do Desassossego” – O pequeno espaço da felicidade”. Desassossego – Libro a project by beatrizfreitas. Domestika is the biggest and most influential Spanish-speaking community for creative professionals.

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The Book of Disquiet is not in any sense a novel. For every bit of creative prose or philosophical insight, there’s reams and reams of repetitive anggggst. Update April 6th I’ve at long last got to the end of this one. You do not have to comply with the license for elements of the material in the public domain or where your use is permitted by an applicable exception or limitation.

The Book of Disquiet is utterly fascinating. In modernity the “book” emerges as a utopian horizon. It’s just page after page of angsty navel-gazing. Trivia About The Book of Disqu Ryan I can think of a couple of reasons for this: Vol 1 No 2 View all 3 comments. The collected notes that make up The Book of Disquiet are not poems per se but rather sad and poetic ruminations, anthologized posthumously and attributed to one of Pessoa’s personas known as Bernardo Soares, a man who worked by day as a bookkeeper in Lisbon and by night as a incredible sadsack.

As Adorno famously said, the finished work is, in our times and climate of anguish, a lie. Well I noticed it was full of fanciful metaphors, strained similes and uninteresting anecdotes. Spesso il male di vivere ho incontrato era il rivo strozzato che gorgoglia era l’incartocciarsi della foglia riarsa, era il cavallo stramazzato. Several of these personas went on to write poems.


He worked as a journalist in LaVanguardia. The book has seen publication in SpanishGermanItalianFrenchand English Pessoa was pretty cl The Book of Disquiet is utterly fascinating.

Desassossego – Libro

The Christian Science Monitor. Materialities of Literature[S. Richard Zenith, Carcanet Press,p. Montale sta su un altro pianeta.

This book doesn’t tell standard story. Ultimately Pessoa’s description of depression and his refuge in uncaring will probably be something you relate to deeply or feel alienated from. Bene non seppi, fuori del prodigio che schiude la divina Indifferenza: Not to mention, my edition New Direction’s Complete Edition is absolutely gorgeous.

Vicente Guedes in a first phase in the s and 20sand the aforementioned Bernardo Soares late s and 30s. For example, other rights such as publicity, privacy, or ,ibro rights may limit how you use the material. April – The Book of Disquiet.

El Nuevo Livro do Desassossego de Jerónimo Pizarro | MATLIT: Materialities of Literature

So, much as I respect all the people I know who rated this book highly, I’m leaving it as unfinished. The license may not give you all of the permissions necessary for your intended use. Unfortunately, the tedium all too often outweighs the brilliance. So, I made it as far as pagebut Desassssego couldn’t do it.

Chapter 31, I felt, was brilliant. No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits. In another short, one should de content to work for the purpose of the work itself. I am giving this one a 2. There is a fluidity to the self which has only ever barely been hinted at in the course of literature.


Centro de Estudos Pessoanos, pp. Neither ‘commonplace book’, nor ‘sketchbook’, nor ‘florilegium’ will do. Believe me, I am all about self-deprecation.

I just feel that it never got adequately off the ground. Not even a hint of a narrative in the writing. I did try and went to various places in the book. Taken at face value, the book itself, described as doing for Lisbon what Joyce did for Dublin, edl merely a collection of insular observations about random things.

There has been conjecture as to which fragments of the discovered manuscript were intended for inclusion in the work, and much assembly has been done through deswssossego analysis of notes left behind in journals and the trunk itself. Os Livros de Fernando Desasdossego.

Pessoa had over eighty personas, and these occupied him from as early as six years old. It is sometimes said that the four greatest Portuguese poets of modern times are Fernando Pessoa.

Unfortunately, that little slice of the ethereal was by far the exception here. And that’s why the object of my close and constant study is the same common humanity that I loathe and stay away from. No warranties are given. It’s not all bad, there are some ideas and striking sentences. Conferencia pronunciada el 5 de diciembre de en la Facultad de Letras de la Universidad de Coimbra.

In the end I just had to stop. End of update I’ve bought my copy at last.