Some have claimed the chess actually originated from the Tarot; there being no However, Enochian Chess can be used as a divinatory tool, by determining. Enochian or Rosicrucian Chess. Rules of Play. Preface. The flat-back, two- dimensional idea for the playing pieces simply doesn’t work, as the pieces are just too. The First Definitive Study of Enochian Chess Enochian chess’ fascinating history begins in the late s, when occultists Wynn Westcott and MacGregor.

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And it is practical. MacGregor Mathers, who finalised the game’s rules, was known to play with an invisible partner he claimed was a spirit. EQ3c inhibits Earth’s forward march and is therefore a questionable move.

This is true of every board, and the reason is to be found in the position of the ranks; which in every case are disposed so that the uppermost and lowermost ranks are Kerubic and Elemental, while the two central ranks are Cardinal and Common. Traditional Beginning Final Note. Openings Pawn opening — Earth to move first: The pawns for each elemental set of pieces are placed in front of the appropriate pieces to which they are vice-gerent as given in Part I.

Example 5 Water Board playing widdershins. I do not wish to give the impression that I use the small set all the time; I do not.

P3c opens the way up for the Bishop, but removes one opening for the Queen and Knight, leaving the Knight with one avenue of escape and the Queen two. The Golden Dawn considered Enochian chess to be a secret teaching.

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Concourse of Bishoping A perusal of the eight possible arrays reveals that opposing bishops are bound on opposite colors. In conclusion, for the Earth of Earth and Earth of Fire settings, the strongest and most stable opening moves are by the pawns, followed by the Bishops. The conical part is white while the base and back support are red, enocjian is also a plume in the front portion. The attributions on the squares of the chessboards are worked out through a rank and column formula using the let- ters of Tetragrammaton.


Water presents a threat similar to Earth, but Air ignores it and pushes P2c to 2d, enochiam ing quite an advantage. Otherwise both armies are kingless and those players have lost the game. Before Using Pawn Privilege Black has a chezs of bishop ready to promote and sees an opportunity to fork red’s king and rook. There are two schools of thought as to the sets of chess pieces. The king, castle and knight move the same as they do in modern chess, while the bishop always moves two squares diagonally.

Her Coptic name is Enocbian va Knooutha pe. The Ptah is the stationary piece used in the divination game. The Knight moves from one of these Systems into the other every time he ches played. As it turned out, very few people in the Whare Ra Temple knew how to play Enochian chess or had even made their chess sets.

FnochianThe Kabbalah Unveiled by S. If this is done, a white border must be placed around the outside of each board to contain the forces therein. Mistakes are easy in this setting, exactness being needed. Minimum monthly payments are required.

Enochian Chess

A method that avoids painting is to cut your pyramid shapes out of shiny colored paper or card and paste them onto your boards, then cover the boards with a strong, clear plastic for a smooth, shiny finish. At that time I had been able to structure my work through the Hermetic Research Trust and had some funds to undertake publications.

This opening appears conservative and initially safe for enpchian players.

The 20 next squares are attacked by possible moves. Wnochian Earthy Board will be identical with the Fiery. It only occurred when the original pieces were being made.

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Therefore, referring back to Table I, where two Yods meet, you will know that the square they meet in will be associated with Aries Cardinal Fire forceand all other attributions on that square will be similarly associated; e. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program chews and conditions – opens in a new window or tab This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees.

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Chess and other board games were derived from, and the moves of the pieces are being closely related to the movements of the celestial bodies and their numerical symbolism. She wears upon her head a green crown of feathers, in which are red and gold feathers also. The allies are diagonal to each other.

The collar is yellow, blue and red striped. Since my input was almost nonexistent, we both felt that this work would be better published under her name alone rather than the two of us as in the original manuscript. She is encased in a blue rectangle with an orange border. The base on which he stands is black. This opening leads to a long and interesting game. Seller information pauljosephrovelli 8.

Enochian chess is played very much like ordinary chess with the exception of a few variations in the rules, which are tailored for four-handed play, and the starting positions of the pieces at the beginning of the game.

This resembles the black and white systems of squares of the ordi- nary boards; and it is as if we allotted the White to Aries and the Black to Cancer. The main identifications of the pieces were: A better opening is given in example 3 bwhere premature and failed Rook attacks shown in the first examples are not used. Her tunic is red. Golden Dawn founder Dr.

Both pieces are captured if an enemy piece moves into a throne square while it is still occupied by the both original pieces. The reason for this is that the Air and Water Tablets have the same order of Tetragrammaton applied to these squares, as likewise do the Earth and Fire Tablets.

His skin is colored green. The only operational piece apart from these would be the Bishop, if freed from his position. Cooper Thames Hudson, for an in-depth look at this symbol. The tunic is red with a green skirt wrap, belt and purse.