This document describes the tables that make up the Ensembl Regulation schema. Tables are grouped logically by their function, and the purpose of each table. Web front-end derived from Ensembl webcode, Ensembl schema databases. WormBase Parasite, Website presenting draft genome sequences for helminths. This creates the schema for the empty database you created in step 3. Note that we are using the example MySQL settings of /data/mysql as the install directory.

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Consortium or laboratory that produced sequencing experiments see experiment. This table stores information about structural variation features i. The AMD Gene consortium is an international collaboration that seeks to identify scchema loci associated with age-related macular degeneration.

Alternatively there are CAGE tags e. A set of clinical significance classes assigned to the variant. It is an area that is predicted t unique key: Shows the source of ensemb projection key: Show species Mus musculus.


See below the command to display the list of variation set entries, e. Foreign key references to the attrib table. Stores data about the data in the current schema.

Getting Genetics Done: Understanding the ENSEMBL Schema

Exception sequence region id. It is styled as an attrib table to allow for a variety of fields to be populated across different object types. They are linked to primary external references instead. A denormalisation taken from the variation table. This allows the user to also access the tree alignments as normal multiple alignments. Has a unique constraint on the first characters max allowed by MySQL.

The numeric identifier of the codon-table that applies to this dnafrag https: A sample can be associated with a study. This table stores information linking entities variants, genes, QTLs and phenotypes. Indicates the gene to which the xref applies.

Installing the Ensembl Data

Short name of the individual type. Name of the species set ensemb. This table defines the genomic sequences used in the comparative genomics analyisis.

Foreign key references to the analysis table.

Projects using Ensembl

The difference between the expected and observed variation, i. To install the Ensembl Data: It is an area that is predicted t.


When this happens, the protein sequence doesn’t match the transcript sequence. InterPro – The InterPro website. This table allows for a variation to have multiple IDs, generally given by multiple sources.

The source of the sequence on which the probe was found. For every regulatory feature and epigenome that was a part of the regulatory build, this table links the regulatory feature to the predicted regulatory activity in this epigenome.

This schwma to store and query in the same database the data from independant tree building analysis. This table contains details of the source from which a variation is derived. This is a denormalised string taken from the alleles in the allele table associated with this variation.

Homo sapiens Mus musculus Ovis aries.

MOODS caused by the variation.