Erwin Puts, the author of Leica Lens Compendium book and TAO of Leica web- site allowed us to convert his book to html format and publish it on the. Results 1 – 17 of 17 Leica Lens Compendium by Puts, Erwin and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Erwin Puts Limited Edition (only copies) second edition to his famous Leica Lens Compendium book; main focus again are the Leica Lenses; English.

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The M 60 has an extremely clean conpendium body. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

CollectiBlend: Library: Leica lens compendium by Erwin Puts

The body dimensions were critical too: Almost every manufacturer nowadays does it and it simply is the consequence of a marriage between software and hardware. I had not quite realized that new lens designs sometimes just could not be built when the designs were sent to the engineering department pyts the technology to make them was compendiu, not there.

When one reviews the evolution from M3 to M 60, one sees a change from film loading and mechanical features to sensor capture and electronically controlled features. If there is some vignetting or distortion, one should work with these characteristics because it is a property of the lens.

Leica Downloads – Books, Brochures and Price Lists

They could not envision situations were more speed was required. While improvising his way through the manifold changes modern man looses every sense of direction.


In the days of film emulsions Ilford once produced a true ISO film, but had to withdraw this one because of limited interest. Some social philosophers Bauman, Sloterdijk focus attention to the fact that in modern society the srwin state of change has its toll.

This is logical because of a basic fact of industrial production. For this feature you need the Macbeth color chart and the Sekonic software free with every meter.

Free Resources for Leica Fans

The print looked like it might be the best print of this size I had ever gotten from a 35 mm size sensor. Canon on the other hand followed the opposite road. The drive of the industry to produce successor models for every camera may we include smart phones?

But the German model may be under siege. If we have to believe current insights in neurobiology and psychology and why shouldn’t we? Apple erwjn been criticized severely ewrin not having very innovative products in its current portfolio and the community sighed with relief when the Apple Watch was announced.

The Comlendium economy, Einsteiger whatever you wish is a fine camera, but presumably will score only with its lower price for new buyers into the Leica M system. In the past Leitz did increase the production by hiring more people who got extensive training.

His stance on issues of reliability and unreliability of the equipment was well-balanced. His decision was based on the action of the free will, but that is the exception. Studies have indicated that compendkum of our activities eating, gaming, shopping stimulate the same pleasure centre that is also activated when we engage in sexual activities. The pictures that accompany the claim are indeed leca good. What exactly the deal is, remains for the moment a secret, but it is to be noted that Leica for now only is responsible for the distribution.


This black chrome finish was not available for a long time, compejdium as it was by several versions of black paint. The photography market is no different. The merging of classic technology with the best standard lens modern optical design can provide, is quite productive and it erin how complex the digital workflow is when you go all the way from exposure to inkjet printing with Piezography.

The silver version has a brown leatherette cover.

The bodies are superbly designed with attention to detail and the software interface is becoming more and more simplified and at the same time improves its elegance.

There should be nothing between the recording lens and the final print. The Leica Monochrom may have sparked a renewed interest in the silver-halide technique of recording and processing pictures. What else do you efwin in these troubled times.

Even the CEO of Leica see the recent interview with Bloomberg media is succumbing to the force of the social media when he noted that future Leica cameras may have social media integration.