Bestselling Author of Thrilling, Dark Books for Teens & Adults. Series Reading Order: Otherkin. This is the reading order for the Otherkin series by Eve Silver: Sins of the Heart; *Sin’s Daughter ยท Sins of the. The Otherkin book series by Eve Silver includes books Sins of the Heart, Sins of the Soul, Sins of the Flesh, and several more. See the complete Otherkin series.

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. I say all this to assure you The ending of Sin’s Daughter was abrupt, though, I have to admit. Reviews for other books in the series: It only took a year from that day for Roxy to find them and join their ranks, and however low her position may be, she finally has a family to call her own. Finally, Othekin know there are some people who are turned on by rape fantasy which isn’t really my thing, but it’s fiction, so whatever works for you and others who are so offended by it silvre is no redeeming a book si,ver has it which I also total I like the concept of this book but the execution was really disappointing.

Sve was brilliant because I won’t forget that scene. Woah, I just read the synopsis for the novella, which I didn’t read yet, and it’s funny because it says The books in the Sins Series are mature, gritty, dark, violent, sexy and straddle the line between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.

I had so much fun reading this one again, checking out the changes and new material, and enjoying the trip down memory lane. This book introduces three of Dagans brothers. It was very unique, I loved how everything was set up.

Otherkin Series by Eve Silver

Silver’s tendency to be redundant when the main characters would ottherkin on one another. That means she wants it, right? I love when that happens. It doesn’t end on a cliffhanger but it does leave you wanting more. Dagan is one of four brother Sutekh bred with human women silve raised all of them apart, Dagan the only one raised in the Underworlds. While it’s short on world-building, there’s enough there to give you an idea of soul reapers and their backstory, and the smooth narrative and realistic dialogue shows off Silver’s writing style and ability.


He’s attracted to her because of her strength and tries to help her start a new life. But I think I drew parallels from their execution into their stories. I downloaded the book last week and read it non-stop while I was in the hospital for hour cardiac observation Product details File Size: He haunts her dreams, igniting her body aflame with lust making any relationship in reality a complete waste.

For a teaser, though, and a glimpse into the world of a series, it’s a good effort. I’ve always vividly remembered the part where Roxy and Dagan Dae for short met under less than ideal conditions which is putting it mildly. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Sins of the Heart

One person found this helpful. For an instant, he saw only her eyes, tiger fierce. They are both experiencing “waking dreams” which leave them craving the other. As evidence mounts and the threatening presence that stalks her draws ever nearer, Sarah must decide if Killian is a man dve of her love or a sinister creature silve to make her his next victim.

Hey the door is unlocked. Roxy the heroine, is a daughter of Aset, meets the hero, Dagan Krayl, son of Sutekh. Something else I really loved reading was the connection between Dagan and his other brothers. Dagan was supposed to be a mega hot guy, but the ugliest gas station attendant is pictured on the cover.

Series Reading Order: Otherkin – Red Hot Books

A lot of the information given about each will probably become even more relevant as the trilogy develops. It just starts running this complicated story, and it took me until Zilver was half way through to figure out who was who.

I loved her character even more when she said that and I loved how Dagan reacted to that. Anyways the book is primarily about Roxy and Dagan.

A man of many names, Sutekh is a God of the Underworld, a realm divided neatly into thousands of territories each with its own master jockeying for power. The push and pull between them is captivating, and seeing them reconcile their conflicting loyalties makes for entertaining reading. It was a lot of wasted text in my opinion.


Sin’s Daughter

Return to Book Page. All made even better by the fact that their was heavy sarcasm involved.

I will definitely go on in the series. But Dagan has some sort of connection to Roxy and when he sees her pendant tries to warn her ageist the Daughters of Aset. Roxy Tam is a Daughter of Aset, which is also an enemy of Sutekh, is on a mission to gather information on the soul reapers death, and to keep a young girl safe. I had a hard time with my rating. Sins of the Heart was a deliciously fun evr.

Roxy is rescued by Dagan, a soul reaper, who was there to harvest the soul of the man who was about to rape and kill her. But in the end she wouldn’t break, wouldn’t even bend.

I was pleasantly surprised at some of the revelations that took me off guard and twisted the story in unexpected ways Now she’s on the run – again Search no more, for this book has it all! If you get me with the relationship, you basically have me hooked. Open Preview See a Problem? I enjoyed the whole story, I wanted to continue reading the parts that bugged me to a degree were the fact that one they said view spoiler [ I love yous hide spoiler ] it was at a weird time and with Dagan not being human it didn’t seem to take him long to come to that conclusion even though he doesn’t understand human emotions.

The instant passed, leaving his pulse beating a little harder, his breath coming a little faster. Becoming one of the Daughters of Aset, Roxy silber now trying to find the remains of Dagan’s dead brother and make sure sjlver not used to resurrect said brother.