Menus and Icons. Example: menu_one. [images/]. This is just a. later so here is the code to a simple window which will be explained shortly. The book to get on Win32 API. If you want to write programs using just the API .

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The creation data which I almost never use that can be used to send additional data to the window that is being created is also NULL. I personally prefer to work with the API, it just suits me better, but if I were to write a database frontend, or a host for a set of ActiveX controls I would seriously consider using MFC, as it would eliminate a lot of code that I would need to reinvent otherwise. Thanks for the props guys! Finally DispatchMessage sends the message out to the window that the message was sent to.

Don’t worry about this for now, unless you are intentionally working with Unicodeit means nothing. If it seems like it’s making sense to you and saving you time, then by all means use it.

These will be covered more later. You will find options for these in the properties of windows shortcuts, and this parameter is how the choice is carried out. MFC Resource file notes. Registering the Window Class wc.

theForger’s Win32 API Programming Tutorial

Assuming that no code modification was made, the build should be successful. This is just as simple as setting the data was originally, we just send another message. You can change the mode to Releasewhich will prevent the debugger from stepping into functions when data inspection is required. Objectives Familiarize with user interface Create, build, execute project Step 1.


Anything you can do with a normal window you can do with a control. However, language support alone is not enough to hide the complexity of COM.

Windows API tutorial – C GUI programming in Windows API

If you are fine with a value of 0 in the event of an error, then feel free to ignore this parameter. Windows Notepad is little more than a plain old window with a big edit control inside it. A control is just a window after all. They define the size and meaning of these elements.

C++ Win32 Framework for Beginners, Links

This is a way for launch the application in Debug Mode. And here’s the second one: Most tutorisl the attributes you set in the window class can be changed on a per-window basis if desired.

Now sometimes we don’t care when exactly they do this, tuhorial example with our Remove button, we don’t need to know when the selection changes right away, we just check when the user activates the button. Awesome lists, learning plans, and reading lists for developers. Don’t worry if that doesn’t make much sense to you yet, the various parts that count will be explained more later.

The translation and PDF versions are unfortunately difficult to update, and are based on older versions of the tutorial. Most of the pointer-type names begin with a prefix of P or LP. Most of the content should be the same, but they are missing recent updates and bug fixes. You must be careful when dealing with string sizes in windows, some APIs and messages expect text lengths to include the null and others don’t, always read the docs thoroughly.


For now, simply click Next. Purpose The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce readers to the use of Visual Studio at its simplest form. In the Solution name field, rename Win32Project1 to wintutorials. The return value is only really useful if your program is designed to be called by another program and you want to return a specific value. I’d really recommend 1, but most people go with 2 I would: WinMain is the conventional name used for a graphical Windows-based application entry point.

The character, integer, and Boolean types are common to most C compilers. The data types supported by Windows are used to define function return values, function and message parameters, and structure members. In windows, the windows on your screen are arranged in a heirarchy of parent and child windows.

CreateWindow will fail at some point even if you’re an experianced coder, simply because there are lots of mistakes that are easy to make. Once debugging has started, it is possible to tutoorial the main dependencies in the Output window that are loaded by Windows before running the application.

Remeber that the left of the screen is an X value of zero and it increases to the right; The top of the screen is a Y value of zero which increases towards the bottom. In a POSIX, or unix environment, these modules are equivalent to shared librariesexcept they have. PostQuitMessage 0 ; break; default: