Hello Really simple question; when you create a pdf from FM, can you convert the cross-ref’s to hyperlinks in the pdf? Thanks. Following are steps for creating these hyperlinks in Adobe FrameMaker. For more information, please refer to the documentation provided with Adobe. Cross-references is an effective navigational tool that guides a user to a related information in a document that might add to their understanding.

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Acrobat jumps to and displays the source information, whether in the current file or in a different file. Open the Adobe FrameMaker document. After you have a Character Format you like, just select the text you plan to use as a hypertext link, and apply the Character Format to selected text.

I haven’t generated a flat hyperless PDF in a long time, so haven’t lately experimented with what you need to turn off for that to happen. I focus on a few practical techniques that you can use to create the following types of hyperlinks:.

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Links to URLs | Create FrameMaker Clickable Hyperlinks that Work in Acrobat | Peachpit

You can click a Web page link that takes you to a new URL. The first computer HAS the job option and the second one does not. Maybe it has nothing to do with hyperlinks.

A link on a Web page is essentially the same thing as a hypertext link. Thanks for the background, Arnis. The text “newlink” is added to the area below.

Apologies, if someone find it irritating. NOTE If you forget to apply a Character Format before you insert the hypertext link, you can always apply the Character format to text afterward. It is saying that the select job option is not on the computer. Cross-references is an effective navigational tool that guides a user to a related information in a document that might add to their understanding of a concept or a process.

If you want to spot-test the new hypertext command, click the Make View-Only button in the Hypertext Window.

refer To write

Esc F l k toggles between View-Only and Editable. Go to original post.

For example, if you want to link to www. Save the Adobe FrameMaker document. Email required Address never made public. That is one of the many advantages to creating source documents framemker FrameMaker.

Creating Hyperlinks in FrameMaker Source Documents

In online documents, you can refer readers to another location in the same document, another document, or a Web page URL. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This site uses cookies. To find out how to edit the hypertext link once in Acrobat, see “Edit Hypertext Links in Acrobat 5” later in this article.


For more information, please refer to fra,emaker documentation provided with Adobe FrameMaker.

The recommendation for keeping this setting turned on comes from Shlomo Perets. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here When you create a PDF either using the print stream with Generate Acrobat Data or using SaveAsPDF essentially the same thing, just FM does it in the background for you and makes some assumptionsthere are some post-processing dll’s that always run on the postscript file to optimize before handing off to Distiller yes, FM does mess with the ps files!

Keep in mind that when cross-reference sources framemaoer contained in external documents, those documents must also be in PDF format in order for hypertext links to work.

A clickable text area can be feamemaker word or a series of words.