Sytec i, Eμ (). Sytec SRi, Legato (). Sytec, Sytec i/i/i/ Plus/S, PreSage (). Copyrighte By General Electric. GE Healthcare – Sytec //GE Sytec //, 3D Ultra Fast Ultra High Resolution. GE Healthcare manufacturer specifications for Sytec i CT Scanner on MedWOW medical equipment global marketplace.

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Pete Nerat has both! I work with all types of service technicians. It seems like you never rest, since even weekend and after hour emails were answered promptly and professionally.

P/N PWA For Sale GE SYTEC i CT Scanner Parts – Listing #

I am a manager who manages a big department. Their refurbished equipment was an excellent alternative to the OEM.

The event covers ways that the field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging is changing. Faced with increasing economic pressure and regulatory demands, the group needed to rethink how they acquire and service their imaging assets. This is just one example of numerous times that BC technical has helped keep the department going.

Looking to advance both the field…. In light of the positive experiences we have had with them, I am happy to recommend BC Technical as service providers.


Since that time I have been overjoyed with the service that many of your service engineers have done. That left us without a working camera and 2 patients with radiopharmaceuticals in them waiting to be imaged.

Manufacturer Specifications – Sytec 2000i, GE Healthcare

Their after-sale customer and technical support have proven to be invaluable. I recommend you take care of him, an engineer of his caliber is hard to find. Your employees are some of the best I have ever come across. Thanks for this service. I just wanted to compliment BC technical on the great service they have been providing to the nuclear medicine department.

These guys are the best. While one Mobile will be pulled, we still have one 2000ii in your care and we can rest assured that our equipment is well protected.

BC Technical has quality new and used CT tubes available with warranty and installation, at prices you can afford. We are completely satisfied in every aspect and recommend them to our colleagues in the nuclear medicine industry. They can almost always diagnose a problem right over the phone. The examples provided in this course were great!!!


Again, thank you very much! I wanted to let you know that your company has gone above and beyond and continues to do so every day. They have gotten our cameras up numerous times over the aytec by walking our technologists through some basic troubleshooting. The knowledge that Pete has and the ability to calm all of us down during a crisis, is priceless!

Not only did they quickly and efficiently install a system in my hospital, they made sure that I was completely satisfied with the imaging results of my patients.

A few years ago BC Technical took over the service and repair from [an OEM] of all of [the molecular imaging] equipment in our department. I am in charge of Radiology equipment for three hospitals and my staff loves what Pete can do.

They will in turn order the parts, and come in and have the camera up and running with minimal down time.