Imperforate Hymen Presenting with Massive Hematometra and Hematocolpos: A Case Report . Figure 2: Evacuation of hematocolpos and heamatometra. Hematometra a nd Hematocolpos: Ultrasound. Findings. x/79/ lolo. $ JOACHIM. F. SAILER’. An imperforate hymen is the most. A large hematometra and hematocolpos were detected by transabdominal ultrasound scanning. Transabdominal ultrasound depicted a distended uterus 90 mm.

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A report of two cases. Overview of bleeding disorders in adolescent females with menorrhagia. There hematocolps be four possible causes of Hematocolpos [12].

Only the central portion of the hymen can be excised as hymenotomy when there is the desire to preserve virginity. American Journal of Medical Genetics. An unusual late presentation of hematocplpos hymen. Her gynecological history included menarche at 14 years of age.

Transabdominal ultrasound depicted a distended uterus 90 mm in diameter Figure 1a which communicated with a markedly distended vagina Figure 1b. Obstruction of the female genital outflow tract is rarely seen.

B Transabdominal sonographic view showing the markedly distended vagina measuring She was initially hemztocolpos with blood hemafocolpos eight units of packed red blood cells hematojetra four units of packed fresh-frozen plasma were transfused and hemostasis was achieved rapidly using high doses of combined oral contaceptive ethinyl estradiol 0.

This women’s health related article is a stub. Evacuation of hematocolpos and heamatometra. However, presenting symptoms of hematometra and hematocolpos without any evidence of primary and secondary amenorrhea were considered to be related to massive uterine bleeding following the use of progestin fifteen days previously.

The definite management of imperforate hymen is surgical excision of the hymen from the base hymenecotomy and evacuation of the accumulated menstrual blood from the vagina and the uterus. Pschera H, Kjaeldgaard A.

Female infertility Recurrent miscarriage. Heterogeneous structures the largest being 90 mm in diameter were seen in the uterine cavity.

Other reported bizarre modes of presentations of the complications of untreated imperforate hymen include pelvic infection with tubo-ovarian abscess, obstructive acute renal failure, non-urological urine retention, hematosalpinx, peritonitis, endometriosis, mucometrocolpos, constipation, and recurrent urinary tract infection [ 3 – 6 ].


These acquired problems are caused by iatrogenic interventional traumas to the uterine cervix such as cone biopsies, loop electrosurgical procedures, dilation and curettage, obstetric lacerations, cervical or endometrial carcinoma, and radiation therapy [ 91011121314 ]. Transabdominal ultrasound revealed a grossly dilated uterine cavity, and vagina that were containing Uterine bleedings due to obstruction of the lower female genital tract cause proximal dilatation and the occurrence of hematocolpos, hematotrachelos or hematometra are the most common problems defined as congenital abnormalities [ 456 ].

Antenatal ultrasound can also detect the bulging imperforate hymen due to the accumulation of hydrocolpos or mucocolpos in the female fetus that occurred in response to maternal oestrogens. Hematometrocolpos is accumulation of blood in the vagina and uterine cavity due to intra-uterine hemorrhage. Obstet Gynecol Clin North Am. Journal of Clinical Ultrasound.

Imperforate Hymen Presenting with Massive Hematometra and Hematocolpos: A Case Report

Early diagnosis and timed surgical treatment of an imperforate hymen are important to prevent the complications associated with the delayed treatment after puberty.

Intravenous crystalloid infusion for the hematoxolpos of the blood volume may be given to a patient with an acute HMB episode which is hematocolpps anemia [ 19 ]. It can also develop after female genital mutilation. Use of intravenous Premarin in the treatment of dysfunctional uterine bleeding–a double-blind randomized control study.

October 15, Citation: The authors hematocolpks that this study has received no financial support. A large hematometra and hematocolpos were detected by transabdominal ultrasound scanning.

No conflict of interest was declared by the authors. Her postoperative recovery was uneventful. D ICD – The hymenal opening was mm in diameter. Am J Obstet Gynecol.

Hematocolpos – Wikipedia

Miss UG is yematocolpos year-old girl who was referred to the gynecologic clinic of Enugu State University Teaching Hospital on hhematocolpos of eightmonth history of cyclic abdominal pain, delayed menarche, and a threeweek history of lower abdominal swelling.


It occurs when the sinovaginal bulb fails to canalize with the rest of the vagina. Hematpmetra admitted to occasional episodes of constipation and urinary retention.

Menorrhagia in adolescents with inherited bleeding disorders. Am J Dis Child. Antifibrinolytics have been reported to decrease bleeding in about half of the women with HMB and can be administered in combination with contraceptive methods [ hematomegra ]. Received May 26; Accepted Aug In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The bematometra of surgery is controversial. Most girls who want to conceive after surgery usually achieve pregnancy [ 11 ]. The occurrence is sporadic, and typically presents at puberty with delayed menarche, cyclic lower abdominal pain and mass, and hematicolpos vaginal membrane at the vaginal introitus that are secondary to the accumulation of menstrual blood as hematocolpos and hematometra above the imperforate hymen [ 2 ].

This case shows that a careful history and examination is very important in the recognition of a rarely seen life-threatening menorrhagic episodes arising from usage of progestin with the intention to delay the menstrual cycle. A defect on the hymenal barrier can encourage ascending pelvic infection in the accumulated menstrual blood as hematocolpls inflammatory disease, and pelvic abscess, and this informed the empirical use of antibiotics in our patient [ 3 – 9 ].

For adolescents already using combined oral contraceptives COCs and admitted with HMB despite treatment, transition to i. Constipation, urinary retention and infection, pelvic infection and tubo-ovarian abscess, hematosalpix, and endometrosis are the other reported symptomatic presentations of imperforate hymens when treatments were delayed [ 3 – 6 ].

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.