Alexandre Henri Mouhot was born on 15 May , in the French village of Montbeliard, near the Swiss border. His father served in the administration of Louis. However, it turned out many of the folks we approached seemed clueless when asked about Henri Mouhot’s grave. One of them, a young. Did you know that famous French natural Henri Mouhot, the first white man to map the wonders of Ankor Wat, is buried just on the outskirts of Luang Prabang?.

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On his fourth expedition to the jungles of Laos, Mouhot died of a malarial fever. The Eponym Dictionary of Reptiles. Mouhoot was ‘a good young man, lively, hardworking, brave, and persevering In his posthumously published “Travels in Siam, Cambodia and Laos,” Mouhot compared Angkor to the pyramids, for it was popular in the West at that time to ascribe the origin of all civilization to the Middle East.

Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. Angkor had been built and fully inhabited only years earlier, by the very same race of people muohot right before Mouhot, but he was too busy being mojhot to believe it. You are free to share this page using the share button options above and you are welcome to post a short excerpt maximum 5 to 10 sentences of this content on another website, provided that you also publish a link back to this original page.

To get to Moujot Phanom, take the road heading north-east out of town, past the golden stupa known as Wat Paphonphao on the hill.

So he returned to Bangkok for additional credentials mouhhot then continued to Laos. In August ,1 mouht the tomb of Henri Mouhot.

Two species of Asian reptiles are named in his honor: At the outbreak of the Crimean War inMouhot left Russia and returned to his home in Montbeliard. On his first expedition, he visited Ayutthayathe former capital of Siam already-charted territory and gathered an extensive collection of insects, terrestrial and river shells, and sent them on to England.

This day trip will lead you to the gravesite of this fascinating man. You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Soon after arriving, Commander Doudart de Lagree asked the ruler of Laos for permission to construct a monument over Henri Mouhot’s grave. Six years after Mouhot’s death, the French Mekong Exploration Commission set out to find a navigable route, from Saigon into China, that could be used for trade mouhor the Mekong River. As a young professor of philology, Mouhot spent at least 10 years of his life working as a language henr in Russia.

Henri Mouhot | French explorer |

Despite my search I could not find the sandstone plate which had the inscription. Some have argued that Mouhot may have been a tool for French colonialism and the annexation of territories that followed shortly after his death.

These journals and illustrations were later incorporated into Voyage dans les royaumes de Siam, de Cambodge, de Laos which were published posthumously. It is to mouhkt a friend, mkuhot consoler, a father, a brother; at sight of it the soul expands, and the more you have suffered the better you will love it.

We began our ascent to the monument, and as we moved closer, it came into full view.

The intention is to display ads that are relevant and engaging for the individual user and thereby more valuable for publishers and third party advertisers. It was a charming picture, reminding one of the beautiful lakes of Como and Geneva.

There are no dwellings and no human traces in the vicinity of the last resting place of this adventurous Frenchman. He was buried near Luang Prabang, where in a tomb was erected in his honour by the French. One of these temples -a rival to that of Solomon, and erected by some ancient Michael Angelo – might take an honourable place beside our most beautiful buildings.

He reached Luang Prabang on 25 July Mouhot went to Russia as a young professor of philology in the s and traveled throughout Europe with his brother Charles, studying photographic techniques developed by Louis Daguerre. All this, added to his amiable disposition, made Phrai Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

It was replaced in by a more durable crypt monument, and a maisonnette was built nearby to house and feed visitors to the white shrine. Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website.

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By agreeing you’re giving us a consent to store and process your personal data for processing your purchase. The centre west entrance, Angkor Wat Drawn by M. You kneel down, you pray, you forget your grief, and you feel that God is with you. The owner told me he had helped Mouhot’s men bury their master and he proposed to take me to his tomb. His assumptive statements and flamboyant theories were arrogant by any standards, but found a receptive audience among colonial-era Europeans, capturing their imaginations.

The French carried out the majority of research work on Angkor until recently. InI was so moved when I visited the site where Henri Mouhot was buried that on returning to Bangkok, I re-read his diaries. He died on the evening of 10 November and was buried by his faithful servants on the banks of the Nam Khan River, east of the town.

Henri Mouhot’s Grave

moihot His initial requests for grants and passage were rejected by French companies and the government of Napoleon III. He is remembered mostly in connection to Angkor.

Views Read Edit View history. A member of the expedition wrote: It was named Mouhotia gloriosain honour of Henri Mouhot. If you have, you will appreciate the feelings with which the solitary wanderer welcomes the divine cross, the heart-stirring emblem of his religion.

He took pictures of landscapes, distinguished people and places of architectural interest. In the footsteps of Henry Mouhot. This section possibly contains original research. It mounot grander than anything left to us by Greece or Rome, and moujot a sad contrast to the state of barbarism in which the nation is now plunged. His beloved dog also afforded him comfort and companionship. By the time Mouhot reached Angkor init had already been visited by several westerners since the 16th century:.

Pere Chevruel, a French missionary, wrote at the beginning of the 17th century: The kouhot readily agreed and offered to provide the necessary materials.