Mata Kuliah FTA:Mekanika Fluida, Senin Mekanika Fluida Kamaruddin P1=p2=p3 Hukum Hidrostatika • Tekanan oleh suatu kolom fluida . 1 Hidrostatika dan Hidrodinamika 32 F L U I D A Pengertian Fluida. Fluida adalah zat yang dapat mengalir atau sering dis. SOAL LATIHAN MEKANIKA FLUIDA. HIDROSTATIKA (XY adalah 2 NIM terakhir Mahasiswa) Soal 1. Tangki dengan ukuran panjang x lebar x tinggi (LBH) = 3,X.

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These are detailed below. As in straight pipe, velocity increases through valves and fittings at the expense of head loss.

Note that Dz will be negative if the pipe at B is lower than at A. One of the many application of the aerofoil is in the design of blades for axial flow pumps and fans the hidrostatioa function of which is to supply energy to the fluid.

Modul Kuliah Mekanika Fluida 1

Silabus Mahasiswa mempunyai dasar pengetahuan dan wawasan yang kuat Tujuan Instruksional Umum TIU mengenai mekanika fluida, serta penerapannya di dunia kerja. What is the coefficient of contraction for the nozzle?

You can open, save and modify your own copy of the Google spreadsheet if you are signed into your Google Account. This can be expressed by another form of the Darcy equation similar to Equation 1: Help Center Find new research papers in: Others such as those based on the Delaware groups work, could have been reproduced equally well, having formed an integral part of the thermal design of shell-and-tube exchangers, in the West for many years; see the articles by Taborek in the Heat Exchanger Design Handbook and Mueller in the Handbook of Heat Transfer [Rohsenhow and Hartnett ].


The combined overall drag curve therefore shows a minimum at some airspeed – an aircraft flying at this speed will be at or close to its optimal efficiency. At large Reynolds number, flow over the front half of a sphere may be divided into a thin Boundary Layer region where viscous forces are dominant, and an outer region, where the flow corresponds to that of an inviscid fluid.

The character of the flow field depends on the shape of the object. This usually done as follows: The consequences of being “behind the curve” in flight are important and are taught as part of pilot training. They are included here. Imagine a pipe of length l and the cross sectional area a to be fitted with a valve at its end Fig. Diameter pipe and at the top of the manometer. The meksnika body of the fluid in the pipe will then be brought to rest in this time.

Also because of the addition of fuel in the engine the weight of the air leaving W2 is greater than that entering W1. Furthermore there are three unknown velocities and hence one further equation is necessary for their solution. Applying the equation of continuity to sections A-A and B-B we can easily show that the velocity v at section B-B is greater than the velocity vo at section A-A.

Tm Mekanika Fluida Dasar 1 Documents. The EL is equal to the sum of the hierostatika velocity head, the pressure, flhida the elevation head. These are referred to as in-line tube banks and staggered tube banks respectively. McGraw Hill Book Co. Assume specific weight of air 0. As the fluid rises there is a pressure loss and as it falls there is an equivalent pressure gain for the same change in elevation. Modul mekanika fluida – rev 02 Engineering.


However, it is important to realize that sometimes other effects may give rise to additional forces which will then have to be taken into account. The first ft of pipe is horizontal and at the end of this length it is bent downwards through an angle of 10o in the vertical plane.

Modul Kuliah Mekanika Fluida 1

Jika berhalangan harus mendapatkan surat izin dari departemen. Use of experimental methodology and procedures for solving fluids engineering systems, including full and model scales, large and table top facilities, measurement systems instrumentation, data acquisition and data reductionuncertainty analysis, and dimensional analysis and similarity.

New York Vennard, J. This fact is made use of in jet propulsion and eq. The engineer then multiplies the quantity of each type of valve and fitting by its respective equivalent length and hixrostatika them together. Bila bobot spesifik tekanan Pa udara.

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics. Pressure drop in fittings When fluid does work — pressure drops.