View and Download HP A calibration manual online. Synthesizer/Function Synthesizer HP A Operating And Service Manual. Frequency ( pages) . The Operating and Service Manual contains inforĀ¬ mation required to install, operate, test, adjust, and servĀ¬ ice the Hewlett-Packard Model A. Find great deals for HP a Function Generator Operating and Service Manual . Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Factor Peak-to-Peak 4 30 These instruments contain the dc offset control circuitry shown in Figure The status information byte 8 bits sent by the device will tell whether that device needed service and why. Performance Tests which compare the instrument operation to the specifications listed in Table After Self Test, the A returns to the previously programmed conditions, except that if a sweep was in progress the sweep wilt remain stopped.

If A14C is changed, repeat steps d and g. Repeat steps pp and qq for 10 Vpp. Connect the A output to an oscilloscope -hp- A with a 2, pF load load attached at either end. This bit can be monitored by the controller to determine when the end of a sweep occurs.

HP a Function Generator Operating and Service Manual | eBay

A6 – Past to Present. In standard instruments, switches signal output from front to rear panel and vice versa. Milwaukee, Wl Texas Instr Inc. Set A frequency to Hz, 1 kHz, and kHz and read ac voltage. Set A amplitude modulation off.

Write the program in flowchart or algorithm form. This TTL Compatible output goes low at the selected marker frequency during a sweep up, and high at completion of the sweep see Paragraph Set the sine wave signal source reference as follows: Table 3-IQ lists program codes in binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.


Adjust Ref A3R30 for a counter display of High to Low TTL compatible voltage transition at selected marker frequency, sweep srevice only. This test verifies the sync output signal levels. These are defined in Table The power cable must either be plugged into an approved three-contact electrical outlet or used with a three-contact to two-contact adapter with the grounding wire green firmly connected to an electrical ground safety ground at the power outlet.

Press the Negative Ramp function on the A. The above range of instruments contain an assembly with the VCO design and layout shown in Figure A special connector for this purpose, -hp- Part No.

Full text of “HP A Synthesizer/Function Generator Operating and Service Manual”

To be distributed in accordance with IDNrequirements for calibration procedure TB Connect the oscilloscope through a Frequency Display and Resolution. The log indicator should light. Maximum frequency for sine and square wave functions is 1 MHz 10 kHz for triangle and ramps.

Change the dc power supply output to – 4. Standard and High Voltage amplifier outputs are fused. Repeat for neg ramp by changing CRO trigger to pos. It is imperative that the fan filter be inspected frequently and cleaned or replaced as manuual to permit the free flow of air through the instrument. Note that the performance test steps and adjustments referred to in this service note may not correspond servicd with the steps currently found in Sections IV and V.


Change the A frequency to kHz. The A serivce is normally set at the factory to: The fan filter should be inspected frequently and cleaned or replaced as necessary to allow free How of air. Set the manuxl as follows: Frequency too large for function 4. When connected to an appropriate power line outlet, this cable grounds the instrument cabinet. Set the horizontal controls to delayed sweep and position the ramp reset portion near the center of the display.

If the value is negative, the first digit is a minus sign. Table defines each of the management lines. The device then sends its Status Byte and clears the SRQ line provided the cause for the require Service message is no longer present. The A does not respond to 3325a Poll.

HP 3325a Function Generator Operating and Service Manual

Summary of A Programming Amplitude Modulation Distortion a. Enter in the Maximum and Minimum columns. Service Model A Table If your oscilloscope does not have a ohm input, use a ohm load -hp- Model C ohm feedthru termination at the input.

To begin a single sweep: This procedure tests the A against the amplitude modulation envelope distortion specification iii Table This checks the output with no attenuation. If the calculator is equipped with a String Variable ROM, the interrogate program may be changed to the following.

Output Amplifier Serial Numbers