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ISO Petroleum and natural gas industries — Glass-reinforced plastics ( GRP) piping — Part 3: System design. ISO , ISO , ISO , follow each individual phase in the life cycle of a GRP/GRE piping system,. i.e. from design through manufacture to. BS EN ISO gives guidelines for the design of GRP piping systems. The requirements and recommendations apply to layout.

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BS EN ISO 14692-3:2017

Controlling with expansion loops. Just for reference, you may have a look at this older post: The buckling stress to maximum compressive axial stress ratio shall be greater than 3. The hoop stress due to internal pressure may be calculated as: Loading cases that should be employed are likely 1469-23 than those for B The buckling stress to the maximum compressive axial stress ratio shall be greater than 3.

The maximum allowable pressure for a component is: System criticality and failure risk assessment. The equivalent stress for fittings could be determined as: At the lowest point of the pipe cross section the axial stress may be calculated as: For both pipe and joints, the long-term design envelop is rectangular, isso shown in figure 5.


Controlling with bellows units. The above equations do not include effect of internal pressure. Finally, please be aware that ISO standards have recently been revised in or Although we endeavour to maintain an up-to-date catalogue, on sio we may not have the latest version of a document, including where it has not yet been provided through an international feed.


International Classification for Standards ICS is an international classification system for technical standards. For definition of system load cases such as sustained, expansion and occasional load cases, the ASME B The factored stress for fitting is: If Manufacturer is not able to provide all the relevant parameters of the Design Stress Envelope, then BS employment for stress analysis purpose might be a solution.

The following equation may be used to determine the 14629-3 hoop stress. If it exceeds over design life, then it may be defined as follows: Due to the absence of a method for evaluation of these parameters in CAESAR II,some calculation sheets are presented in the calculation sheet section.

The following equations are developed: You are not logged in. The above equation does not contain the effect of pressure. The qualified stresses for isi could be calculated as: From equation 33 and A compressive longitudinal stress resulting from axial force may be checked against axial elastic bulking stress as: A 1692-3 proof of equation 44 could be referred as follows, see figure 4. About 10 years ago I passed through iwo experience.

calcstress | GRP

This is defined in accordance with following equation: In order to maintain integrity of GRP process piping systems and pipelines, regarding following factors, the stress analysis should be performed to ensure that the system can sustain all stresses and deformations requirements.

This envelope is generally available for a plain pipe, Figure 2. Switch to Threaded Mode. By substituting equations 4647 and 49 in equation The induced loads due to a thermal expansion for any above ground piping system may be calculated; however, because of the low elasticity modulus values of GRP pipes, the expansion resulting from internal pressure can sometimes be equal in magnitude to thermal expansion. At the nadir of saddle supports the hoop stress may be calculated as: According to ISO Hello, Regarding applicalbe code for GRP pipie design and stress analysis, I ordered vendor to apply below code.


NBN EN ISO 14692-3

The fact is that ISO standard provisions regarding pipe stress analysis are based on the Design Stress Envelope which defines the allowable stress system. The mass of GRP pipe is insignificant compared to the mass of liquid contents. Piping stress engineer should evaluate the total piping system in order to specify any need of flexibility analysis.

At the highest point of a pipe cross section the axial stress may be calculated as: The factored qualified pressure is defined as a pressure which is used to determine a safe operating envelope of the GRP piping system, see section of this article: For stress analysis, different loading conditions such as internal or external pressure, thermal, occasional and support loadings should be determined, and then the related stresses and loads should be evaluated and finally compared with the corresponding allowable stresses and loads respectively.

The bulking stress to maximum compressive axial stress ratio shall be greater than 3.