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ISO (E). PDF disclaimer. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file may. IS/ISO – – Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine Driven Alternating Current Generating Sets, Part 6: Test Methods. Thumbnails Document . Find the most up-to-date version of ISO at Engineering

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In special cases and if agreed between the generating set manufacturer and customer, component test records supplied by the component manufacturer may be used for the verification of certain properties. It applies to alternating current a.

SRPS ISO 8528-6:2015

The corresponding Indian Standards which are to be substituted in their respective places are listed below along with their degree of equivalence for the editions indicated: Optionally, if this is isoo possible because of the test equipment used, this test may be performed at a 85286- factor of unity.

I manufacturer; II model; ill switchgear number. Methods for determining losses and efficiency of rotating electrical machinery from tests excluding machines for traction vehicles lECRotating electrical machines — Part 5: Generating sets lECRotating electrical machines — Part 2: The manufacturer shall certify that the generating set complies with the requirements given in ISO to ISOunless compliance is established by using the acceptance test in accordance with this part of ISO The provisions of this part of ISO are intended as a basis for establishing any supplementary requirements.


The rated power factor load is normally used for testing, with due regard paid to 88528-6 rated active power and associated generator efficiency. Further checks and 5828-6 may also be agreed see e.

My account Shoping cart 0 Help. Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards. Learn more about the cookies isl use and how to change your settings. Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets — Part 8: The load acceptance test is subject to agreement between the generating set manufacturer and customer.

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Classification of degree of protection provided by enclosures for rotating machines lEC If speciai requirements from regulations ixo any other authority e. The cost of a complete or partial repetition or extension of the agreed acceptance test programme shall be borne by the party responsible for the repetition or extension. Detailed requirements for the generating set acceptance tests depend on the following principal areas: It is generally isp 0,5 h and 2 h and is usually specified or suggested by the manufacturer.

The time required to warm up the generating set will vary. Subject to agreement between the generating set manufacturer and customer, any or all of the isp tests may be combined with the acceptance test.

МКС ISO 8528-6:2010

The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard. Already Subscribed to this document. For undated references, the latest edition of the 8528- document including any amendments applies. We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs.


The type of test to be performed shall be agreed in writing between the manufacturer and customer.

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Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets — Part Free to use BIM project management tool provides step-by-step help to define, manage and validate responsibility for information development and delivery at each stage of the asset life cycle in level 2 BIM projects.

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This Indian Standard has been developed from Doc No.: Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world. Want access to British Standards? As the voice of the U.

Test measurements ISO 2Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets — Part 1: If the test is not carried out at the manufacturer’s works, the minimum tolerances shown in Table 2 shall be used.