Go: A Novel [John Clellon Holmes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Generally acknowledged to be the first Beat novel, go was originally. Go by John Clellon Holmes – book cover, description, publication history. Go, by John Clellon Holmes, is the first novel published by a member of the so- called Beat Generation of the s in the United States. The years immediately .

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The room seemed full of dusky subsidings, a shambles of butts, strewn glasses and books, the sad mementos of a carouse that had swept on elsewhere. The book was such an amazingly intense ride, even when it was at it’s most aimless wandering around in search of tea the characters seemed so vivid.

While the novel is awkward in spots — it was Holmes’s first — it is truthful and strangely analytical, as if Holmes were, to some extent, judging his own participation. This is virtually all true and the portraits here of the big three Ginsberg, Kerouac and Cassady are great to see. Still, the narra Though not as lyrical or experimental as many of the other beat writers I’ve read, this book finds its own impressive voice in its commentary on the times.

He is also well-known for writing what is considered to be the definitive jazz novel of the Beat Generation, “The Horn. Other books in this series.

Book review: Go, by John Clellon Holmes | Khanya

Chapters 14 and Go is generally regarded as the first novel of the Beat Generation, written between andand first published innearly sixty years ago. It is David Stofsky Ginsbergthough, who is the most memorable: The perpetual imbalance and lack of security of After trawling through many a Kerouac novel as a youth I finally found “Go”.

It balances the ecstatic visions of Kerouac and Ginsberg with the observations of a clinical middle-class eye. Hobbes finally realizes how dysfunctional this group really is, and at the novel’s close, it appears that he and Kathryn will finally begin to avoid the questing yet confused and dangerous company of this group.


Book review: Go, by John Clellon Holmes

Nicholson rated it really liked it. Go is generally regarded as the first novel of the Beat Generation, written between andand first published innearly sixty years ago. It follows the complications of interpersonal relationships arising from a group of disillusioned and often eccentric clelon people. A lost generation indeed.

Go: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

Feb 19, Eric Diesel rated it it was amazing. The men are mostly writers and poets, although the women in the book generally do not work in the arts. While Kerouac documented every aspect of the movement – the jazz, drinking, drugs, crime, infidelity – as a living part of it, Holmes, although heavily involved, seems to have written as more of an outsider.

Very glad I read this, and it will highly likely make my top ten for Go revolves around a group of young friends and acquaintances living in Manhattan in the early s. Thunder’s Mouth Pr Availability: And rereading it fifty years later, I see that Holmes actually tried to create the new vision that made us look back on his world with rose-tinted spectacles. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Dec 28, Jonathan rated it really liked it.

The essence of the book is summed up in the dream of one of the characters, Stofsky a thinly-diguised version of the Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Oct 27, J.

Apr 20, Scott A. If you’re turning into an aging hipster, please do read “Go” If you want to read a better version of ” On the Road ,” pick joun up at your local book shop.

As such it has a mostly straightforward style to the narrative, but covers a lot of familiar ground that fans of this genre will be familiar with. You are almost content to bear the sickening headache and the torment in your stomach rather than go through that moment.

View a FREE sample. If you think that the whole notion of jkhn Beat Generation sprang from the head of Jack Kerouac when he wrote On the Roadyou’re wrong. A lost generation …more Bitterness is common to the beats.


And so it all seemed rather wonderful, transported out of its time and place into some kind of beautiful clllon realm.

But does he get a job? Of all of Holmes’s characterizations, the one that stays with jhon the most is David Sklofsky as Ginsberg with his innocence, mysticism, and unending curiosity.

There’s a lot of dialogue in this book, mostly converse-driven plot-wise. It tells what happened, a bit about the why, but fails to capture the feel of that whole scene.

I’m not sure how much I liked Holmes, I thought it was a bit telling that the only scene he made up was his wife sleeping with Kerouac, which seemed rather mean. Holmes does, however, change their names: Holmes doesn’t have Kerouac’s beautiful prose but he has an intensity that I found really appealing. Continued from Part 3. Hobbes is married to Kathryn, who works at a job she dislikes, and is uncertain about Pasternak and the other new friends her husband is making. Hobbes is torn between joining his friends in their riotous existence and trying to maintain his relatively stable life and marriage to his wife Kathryn.

I’m simply regurgitating stereotypes, but they are spot on stereotypes, I guarantee. There’s also lots of tooth-gnashing over the group’s use and abuse of alcohol and drugs, and the confusion caused by several characters’ commitment to sexual freedom. We too experienced that restless rushing around in joh, rushing to Meadowlands to see Cyprian Moloi, or to Springs to see Noel Lebenya, travelling many miles to g if a friend was home, and cclellon that they were out, travelling many more jhon to see another.