How to use. The essence of RokBox2 is an link with some data-sets that let. Release Notes – RokBox Joomla Extension- Version – RokBox is a fully responsive modal plug-in for Joomla. The extension can display many different media formats such as images, videos, music, embedded widgets, Ajax content and Joomla modules and takes advantage of the new technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. Other extensions (8).

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I finally did manage to get the light box to pop up on IE9 but the files simply don’t load.

The actual link makes use of the RokBox link syntax for calling a module into the popup. This custom layout allows us to jolmla it in index. It provides a feature rich platform for extending the menu, allowing for overrides and plugins for the menu itself, in addition to versatile theming capabilities and so much more.

The following is required for the login to function:. We worked on it but found the solution in eliminating RokBox. Broke the Site Chris Merchant 8. My question is how do I make an article where I can use the automatic thumbnail generator and when klicking one thumb having a slideshow enabled where you simply navigate with arrows to come to the next image etc. Gantry 5 By RocketTheme.

Creating a Popup Login Feature (Joomla)

Functionality Nice effects and design. Refresh your site to review the changes.

Posted on 13 May Create this new PHP file with the following code:. This guide covers the Joomla method. I used this for making YouTube videos popup in a lightboxes.


For this example, we are simply using the standard style. Hide Joomla tab in item f This surrounding div rt-popuplogin in our example will be placed in a layout later on in the tutorial. If an image is too big it gets shrunk to fit the view-port but you can always hoomla the Fit Screen icon to expand it and scroll. Index Recent Topics Search. Posted on 16 October Jun 05 License: Correct syntax for enabling RokBox album This forum is for general questions about extensions for Joomla!

Like the our support? This code sets up the parameters for the login feature. We are ready to publish the login module and set the jopmla. In our example, it’s Member Login. Another great gallery for free is JCE Mediabox that deals with all kinds of media pop-ups and you can style it as you wish Ease of use Very easy to use. Sophisticated content filters, robust layout modes and options, integration with multiple content providers, and a streamlined no-nonsense interface all contribute to a powerful yet user friendly experience from start to finish.

How to configure users to Had to uoomla manually from files and database. For this tutorial, we will be making a login module popup.

For this example, we’ve used a single wrapper div rt-popuploginbut you can add as many elements as you need for any design considerations you have.

Log in Create an account. Find the following line in template-options. Works great, once I’d figured out how to use it! Tools worked great until we added the component JGive to our joomla 2. Adding position in item v Posted on 22 November How to create a membershi How to configure rokbox without tables I don’t find a way.


RokBox, by RocketTheme – Joomla Extension Directory

Don’t use double quotes! A line needs to be added to rockbo position section of this file. This will now be able to be edited via an input field in the template administration. Posted on 11 December RokBox is a fully responsive modal plug-in for Joomla. This method allows us to have a nice custom text field in the template admin for easy changing of the link text, without having to edit the code.

RokCandy allows you to create complex HTML output as simple macros to allow your complex content to be c Great tool Badan RokSprocket is a revolutionary extension for Joomla designed to give you an incredible level of control over how you present your content.

In our example, we are making use of a dynamic call inside of the spans to insert the link text that will appear. Now, all of our logic and core items are in place. It rockbos doesn’t display the video files. Alternatively, you can simply place your desired link text in place of the echo. MultimediaMultimedia Display.