3 days ago The Tao of Badass isn’t about no ebook can make you or any man Some of the core teachings of the Josh Pellicer’s Tao of Badass are. Does Joshua Pellicer, author of The Tao Of Badass dating tips ebook, really know what he is talking about or is he just like any other dating. Sup guys! After many requests, I am FINALLY going to be reviewing The Tao of Badass by Josh Pellicer. As usual you’ll get an INSIDER look inside the tao of.

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Worth joshja penny in my opinion. Aug 19, Michael rated it really liked it. Joshua talks about rejection and how to deal with it. Apr 20, Anand Roy rated it it was amazing.

The Tao Of Badass | Everything You Need To Be a Badass With Women

It promises lots of web resources, but my perception is that it makes you watch a 20 minute video that promises you “content” and it turns out to be another ad for another video or book. Perhaps it’s because this book isn’t being sold by the people who own goodreads, ie amazon? Thanks for your insights and comprehensive review of this dating guide. Breaking Up Like a Man — Learning how to break up a relationship like a badass, because these experiences are inevitable.

Dec 21, Bladimir Ramirez rated it it was amazing. Suggesting to be more confident, be a better person overall is hardly bad advice.

I have seen positive reviews for this book that have been on goodreads for over 2 years suddenly disappear. It badaes explains the how to and importance of touch escalation.

I have badaes trying to find out more about the Tao of Badass only to end up on sites that say the same thing over and over again. This is of course where the other products step in to fill in the blanks. I met a guy who should have memorized this chapter!

Bradley February 16, at I really thought it was just some kind of crappy book. As they weren’t given the key to enter at the beginning, they just break the lock so they can get themselves in and out as many times they want. And also, by turning around, she will have, for a few seconds, thought she has lost you. Of course hte is different because we were actually dating and looking to get married and whatever and we didn’t look to sleep together and call it a day, so it isn’t the same senario, BUT despite the intentions me bqdass my husband had and the ones the author had and the people who read it, the way he is going about picking up girls is still fucked up.


So I found it to be a fair resource. Cole May 6, at Hold on to it because there will be times when you have to go back to refresh yourself. I started reading this book believing it’s completely wrong finished it being a complete bad-ass in different social domains I got a girl and I know how to handle the relation from the attraction to marriage This is the way to become a bad-ass in workin collegewith your bosswith your colleagueswith your teachers.

I totally agree with you.

Ted May 15, at 5: When hte purchase The Tao Of Badass, you will have access to the members area. You have to throw these beliefs out and just try the technique out in the field. Dec 26, Veselin Nikolov rated it it was amazing. I will say that the book has some good self-help pointers and dips its toe in some psychology, but it also has a bit of a chauvinist overtone which johsua difficult to swallow.

The tricks really work.

The Tao of Badass Review

So it works, right? Jun 22, Rennegade Hunter rated it it was amazing Shelves: But I find my best friend in a non-cool style.

XD January 19, at 2: A few valuable tips here and there from TOB can really make a big difference. That being said, and as good as I think the book is, you have to use some common sense too. The Tao Of Badass will not only teach us, guys, to get the girl we want. I thought it was just one of those quick get-a-girl guide. The Tao Of Badass has genuinely changed my life and although my story is a little embarrassing it does have a happy ending, so I’m not ashamed to share my experience here for those guys out there who can’t just effortlessly get any woman they want.


Overall, I believe this product is great for beginner and intermediate skill levels with picking up women. It takes more to satisfy a girl. Are you very much struggling to find that special someone to hang out with? You got to live it to believe it. He gives you a great overview of the proper stages of interacting with women from the Introduction, to Joshu, Rapport, Seduction and ultimately to Relationship Balance.

I would rather a guy face me straight on and tell me an insecurity or make money because despite what this guy says bitches SO love money Rather than to listen to some book and make ato he is posing a certain way, acting a certain way and trying to fuck with my mind because some book told him to and it will work to get into pel,icer pants.

If you have any sense of decency, please stay away from this and similar crap.

Considering what pellice can learn from The Tao of Badass, it definitely is worth an investment. Enter your email Your email address is kept private. This guy is really an expert in this field. Like for example, it tells us where to look if we want to kiss our date.

It’s weird looking back on myself and thinking that was only a year ago. If you’re wanting to learn how to create deeper bonds and develop more meaningful relationships pellicef women, then this is worth checking o This book teaches you a step-by-step method to approach and attract women.

We just need to focus more on that. Marc August 18, at 3: Theory Versus Practical Examples I would have liked to have seen more practical examples given here pellicer would help the average guy do better with women. Every little thing that comes with the way we carry ourselves is explained in the book.