transformer, test leads, and input jacks — must be purchased from Keithley Instruments. Standard fuses with For analog filter (Models A/A only) . leaving the factory the A and A meet these specifications. the Series A Reference Manual for additional power derating. Keithley A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Keithley A User Manual.

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Reading the system node enable register returns a value. You can use the reading buffers to acquire readings. TSP command reference As an example, to set bit B1 of the operation status measuring summary enable register, set status. Type 23 in the Port number field, and then click OK. Be sure to back up your script to your computer before deleting. Test Script Processor Interaction The following tables compare the source settling times in normal and high-capacitance modes.

The programming example below illustrates how to enable sink mode to disable, set the attribute to smua. Basic ohms measurement procedure When you use the MODE key to select ohms measurement, the Series B is automatically configured as a current source with a level of 1 mA.


Make connections to the Series B through connectors on the rear panel on page TSP command reference Also see Bit manipulation and logic operations on page bit. In short, the conductive buffer acts as a floating gate with a bias on the sinr channel determined by the potential difference of the source and drain terminals.

Disables high-capacitance mode 1 or smuX. The Name Virtual Instrument dialog box is displayed.

Configure recommended instrument settings before making connections to the device. TSP command reference Details This read-only attribute contains the number of readings presently stored in the buffer. Electrical measurements are performed using keithley electrometer.

It is typically set to the date when the next calibration should be performed.

In absence of this minimum load capacitance, overshoot and ringing may occur. As illustrated in the following figure: During the warranty period, we will, at our option, either repair or replace any product that proves to be defective. Displays the primary limit setting 1 or display.

Keithley 2636a reference manual

The keysight a is fully tested and refurbished in our in. Increasing logarithmic sweep Figure TSP command reference Example 1 display.

Functions and features Buffer storage control attributes The following table contains buffer storage control attributes. Read-only attributes used to access buffer parameters Storage attribute basetimestamp capacity n next Description The timestamp of when the reading at rb[1] was stored, in seconds from midnight January 1, GMT.


Keithley A Manuals

Range keys Selects the next higher source or measure range. When using this command from a remote node, localnode should be replaced with the node reference.

The positive and negative polarities of the instrument must be calibrated separately. Front And Rear Panel Familiarization The following table describes these interactions: Do not overwrite old data 1 or smuX. Power manial Contains the AC line receptacle and power line fuse. For the termSequence parameter, use the same values listed in the table above for type.

Set this attribute to zero to bypass waiting for events at the arm event detector the SMU continues uninterrupted through the remote trigger model. Instrument programming When you create a script using the script.

Under Construction:

Example Sets trigger line 3 low 0. This level is used to kejthley status changes; the message does not represent an error. To modify a script: