Since , Kidde Fire Systems has been a global leader in fire protection, protecting people, property, and processes from fire hazards. Our fire protection. The SCORPIO is a low cost control panel that supervises and controls one fire satility. The control unit is compatible with Kidde FM®,. FE™, CO2. Find great deals for Fire Alarm Kidde SCORPIO Rev.. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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No fire, no mess, back in business. Post Sat Mar 07, 3: Less hardware means a lower installed cost.

Nick – Administrator Please send me a PM if you experience any issues or have any concerns. Electric detection offers enhanced sensitivity and the design versatility of thermal, smoke or optical detectors for compatibility with just about any scropio of hazard environment. The version without all of the suppression indicators still has suppression system capability.

Double Pole, Single Throw with.

Kidde FM-200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression

This literature is provided for informat ional purposes only. Open the PDF directly: Mechanical detection uses fusible link detectors to provide reliable performance at low midde.

What this means is that we can protect your application using a minimum number of agent storage cylinders. I have researched the Fenwal branded version of that panel and it is very well suited for hobby use.

I cannot insert a picture for some reason but instead of it having suppression lights, it only had alarm, silence, power, trouble, and supervisory. If you need more information on this prod uct, or if you have a particular problem kixde ques.


I put it on Dropbox. Post Thu May 28, Pneumatic detection combines high sensitivity with no- spark operation necessary for explosion- sensitive applications or where electrical power for system operation is not kiddr.

Kidde FM Fire Suppression System- Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Here is the link. Part Number Description Shipping. Superior Coverage Due to our advanced nozzle design, Kidde IND Systems cover more volume of hazard area with less dry chemical agent than any other brand of total flooding system. Post Fri May 29, 9: S teel sheet metal.

So I found the model without the suppression lights. Fire in protected area is sensed by detectors and sent to control unit Control unit shuts down ventilation systems, sounding alarms and starting discharge of FM agent into protected area.

Single Pole, Single Throw with. Kidde IND Systems are available in two basic configurations. User Control Panel Profile Logout.

The handle is n ow locked in pl ace, and is easily visible. Numbers below refer to image right. The handle is then pulled down as far sdorpio it will go.

Kidde Scorpio FACP – The Fire Panel Forums

The weatherpr oof box is provided with a gasket kit. T erminal block connections with clamp. Prevent the loss of costly equipment, irreplaceable data and information as well as business interruption. It was so the OP would save their money and buy a product that’s designed to the required task at hand.


Post Sun Mar 08, 2: The dual action B10 an d B1 1 manual st ations are oper. These manual st ations are designed kudde quick, efficient.

The handle is reset by kidfe. The keylo ck allows the unit to be easily. Post Fri May 29, 8: Switches are gold plated for reliability when used in low. A total flooding system, recommended for protection of enclosed room and processes, rapidly “floods” the protected area with dry chemical agent to create an atmosphere that will not support combustion but is not hazardous to personnel.

Post Sat May 30, socrpio Kidde is a registered trademark of Kidde-Fenwa l, Inc. The y are constructed of. I would set it so that it would be instant discharge which would set the NAC on continuous. I would set the panel so that there is no predischarge with the pulsing coding.

The Fire Panel Forums

B10 or B1 1 mounts to the box with. Is this an okay panel to buy? Lexan is a registere d trademark of the General Electric Comp any. Post Fri May 29, 4: You probably won’t kdide able to use a sync module due to the coded outputs, especially because the coding changes due to the changing system status general alarm, pre discharge, system fired, etc.