Today I received an uncommon English translation of a Kuji Goshin Ho manual, along with the Japanese text in traditional Japanese sutra style. 05 JAPAN NINJUTSU: Kuji Goshin Ho. This vid is about the Kuji and Haya Kuji in a traditional way. More information. Saved by. ღ Slavica Juric ღ. Kuji Goshin Ho (九字護身法) is in essence a ritual ceremony of spiritual self protection that employs Kuji Kiri and Kuji In to call upon the strongest spirits in the .

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April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Mudra is, daikongorin-in”seal of the great thunderbolt.

Kuji-in – Wikipedia

The fact that the Taoist kuji are not seen in Japanese documents and writings until at least the s, and then not extensively until around the Edo jidai ADE and Meji jidai ADE indicates that they were either not extensively practiced, or taught as kuden oral transmission.

Other groupings of deities exist as well depending on the sect and purpose of the kuji. All or part of the Merchant’s name or store name.

Be wise, live long and prosper. In Japanese folk-magic and onmyodothe nine cuts are often made over writing or a picture, to gain control of the object named or pictured.

Reviews XX Write a review! Learn how and when to remove these template messages. A simple look at the ku-ji and their relation to the prescribed deities shows a very logical kujii.

The Kuji Ho

So, purify your heart by embracing compassion as the motivation for this practice, or stop. View my complete profile. This article possibly contains original research. Zokushu is the earliest known Buddhist adaptation of the kuji. Most of these variations occurred well after the introduction of the kuji into Japan.

The document gives no other information as to why this arrangement is used. Kuji-kiri – Kuji Kiri “nine symbolic cuts” is found today in Shugendo the religion of Japanese Mountain Priests, ShugenjaShingon Mikkyo an esoteric Buddhist sect and go old and traditional schools “ryuha” of Japanese martial arts including but kkji exclusive to schools that have ties with Ninjutsu.


Welcome to the Khji Blog, dedicated to the exploration gohsin mastery of the Kuji-In and Kuji-Kiri practices, which have most often been associated with the ninja of feudal Japan, but also engaged in by many other groups, mostly as a kind of spiritual technology to facilitate enlightenment.

I invite other practitioners to join in, as well as those with a curiousity in this sacred art. The kuji-in are a tool to be used in meditation, and are frequently over-simplified in popular culture as being a form of magic.

And it therefore can be safely assumed they either did not know of them, or if they did, they were considered only a minor teaching at best. There are numerous variations of the nine original Taoist kuji in Japanese Buddhism. Vajrapani is associated with Acala who is venerated as Fudo-Myo and is serenaded as the holder of the Vajra. All hail the swift thunderbolt of exalted strength, gosin, and glory!

Each of the nine syllables has a meaning that when integrated with the corresponding mudra, mantra, and visualization [corresponding deity] gohin sanmitsu kaji [grace, virtue, merit of the Three mysteries]. It is used at the end of the invocation to the god being sacrificed to anuvakya as an invitation to and for that God to partake of the sacrifice.

The text compilation of texts appears to span a time period from the s on up to s and s. Jikoku-ten Dhrtarastra – Skt.

Kuji-kan nine syllable visualizationis a specialized form of Buddhist meditation. Thus, a sailor wishing to be protected from drowning might write them over the kanji for “sea” or “water”.

There is no indication of where this particular kuji ritual comes from. Could not get listing contents, please try again later. Hands together, index fingers cross each other to touch opposite ring fingers, middle fingers crossed over them.


This is the other kuji ho that most directly deals with the martial arts, the most direct being the above kuji hon-i. The Fuju shu lists rituals, 26 of them kuji-ho.

While the yin aspect is the dark, feminine, negative, defensive, relative, vertical, right, backward, down. As to why there appears to be no correlation between the mudra and mantra and the representative deities is unknown at this time. In Fuju and which relates to the nine planets and Seven Northern Stars, the purpose of the kuji-ho is to obtain protection, as well as longevity; and the correlations with the nine planets and Seven Northern Stars. I am increasingly the beneficiary of unseen hands and will do everything in my power to be faithful to the teachings so that they may be extended and passed on to those selected to receive them.

In fact, not only do these two related mudras represent the alpha and omega by themselves, but the two lions associated with them take this association a step further. Our Purpose The purpose of the Kuji Blog is to provide a window into the soul of this mysterious practice, to remove it from the shadows of obscurity, and to provide a forum for those interested in practicing this wonderful esoteric spiritual technology. No land or sandbox required. To further complicate this fact, there are also untold numbers of variations on a given mudra, and many mudras are associated with more than one deity or idea.

If you’re taking medication, keep taking it.