View and Download Lenze series operating instructions manual online. Inverter Drives Variant Dancer-position control with Torque control. series. vector. System/Component overview. Lenze. FU vector en 11/ 3. System overview/Selection guide. Communication modules e.g. keypad or. PROFIBUS. Get Lenze IB Manual. Get all Lenze manuals! with optical fibre cable together with the controller series as of E DC controller E 5x. 6x.

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Usually the field frequency Pilot control is not used for the loop control. This depends on the selected operating mode Cool. The large setting ranges of the control Parameters also allow the control of an application datum if this depends on the drive Speed.

Here you have to 86600 whether the control system e. Technical Data Of Motor Filters All Lenze code numbers begin with 0.

Basic Parameter setting Programming of the frequency controller enables the drive to be adapted to your application. Servo controller PP.

In case of terminal control, CO40 serves as a display: The DP parameter setting channel has the same structure for both directions of transmission. Index Bhex Sub- Dat. Face value factor Bhex The parameter “face value factor” is used to change the resolution or the setting range of the set-value lehze. Index hex hex Sub- Data index str.

Lenze series Manuals

Ventilators, a maximum of 30s. Adjustment Of The Act. Programming Of The Freely Assignable Inputs And Outputs Programming of the freely assignable inputs and Most of the inputs and outputs of the frequency controller are freely assignable via their own Codes, i.


Basic Settings Basic settings Operating mode Manuak controllers of the series offer different interfaces. Your manual failed to upload The frequency controllers are factory-set such that a four-pole Standard motor with V rated manusl and 50Hz according to the settings.

Lenze code number of the parameter. The data filed in the Motorola format; i.

Switching On Janual Motor Side Meaning Controller available? L-C for Lenze code number Technical Data Of Rfi Filters 6. Notes which should be observed to avoid possible damage to or destruction of equipment. History Of Reset Faults For description see page Explanation Bus connector Service designation: To limit the time of the DC-injection brake, you tan program a holding time under C Unwinding from above or from below For unwinding, the sign for the influence of the dancer-Position Controller must be inverted.

S-shaped Ramp Generator Characteristic Closed-loop speed control For a number of applications, the accuracy which tan be obtained To avoid with open-loop often not sufficient. It consists of numerator and denominator.

When using several mounting plates they must be connected with as large surface as possible e-g. Parameters printed in bold show the factory setting. Programming of additional acceleration and deceleration lenez The ramp times are set in two Steps, under ClOO, one pair of Manuql Action Component Dancer-position Control Dancer-Position control Dancer-Position control with and without diameter Pilot control of centre winder textiles, foils, Paper, ribbon to one shaft is possible Dancer-Position control for surface winders centre winderkiancer-controller surface centre winder tandem winder Page Name of the parameter Content or meaning of the parameter values.


Lenze IB : Manual

Torque Controller 10 Torque controller The lower the max. Page Checking the power Stage The measurements described below are to be carried out only by indicate the nominal value. Display Of Actual Valuesact.

In factory setting, these inputs are already assigned to certain functions.

Speed reference variable hex The parameter “speed reference variable” corresponds to the output of the ramp function generator set-value integrator in rpm. If they are different, there is a defective.

Process data can be divided into process output data PO data and process input data PI dataviewed from the master, that means PO data are input data for the controller. The data structure is the same for input and output data, see following tables.

Lenze 8600 series Manuals

When changing the operating mode, also the operating unit or one of the LECOM interfaces are available. In this configuration, only one motor tan be connected. These Manuwl Instructions give advice and recommendations for the installation and use of the electronic equipment.

V on request The scope of supply of the IB module includes the following components: