: Lone Pine Five (): Malcolm Saville: Books. Mystery at Witchend (Lone Pine Club) [Malcolm Saville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When David, Peter, Mary, Dickie and Tom form. Witchend: Lone Pine London [Malcolm Saville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The author further illuminates this trouble at the heart of the club by using Jenny’s closeness to Peter and by using Harriet’s observations as the new girl. Surely Peter, steady and true Peter, is not going to succumb to someone so unworthy?

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James rated it it was amazing Jun 07, By the time of Treasure at AmorysBallinger herself is almost wholly eclipsed by the idiotic and unstable Les Dale, who is a prime example of late series Saville villain, who cannot be taken at all seriously. The twins quickly give a lie to this statement when they point out that David had skipped breakfast in order to be there early waiting for Peter.

Rather brief, even for a light teenage novel, with one or two unexpectedly moving moment Fifth adventure in the ‘Lone Pine’ series for teenagers. He wishes Peter malcolj David “luck together” and marches out of their lives a better man, he too transformed by his experience in the mine under Stiperstones.

Lone Pine Five by Malcolm Saville

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Saville wrote for both male and female readers. And I know Jenny is a bit loopy, but really – saivlle a dirty old spoon on a ribbon as a nec Probably my least favourite Lone Pine, possibly because the twins break the usual pattern and are the ones doing the kidnapping for a change although they are themselves briefly taken hostage earlier in the story.

Mary Finnegan rated it really liked it Jul 10, Only Peter is friendly; only Peter is courteous.

Some of the pain for Peter is caused by the harsh realities of the world butting in on what has been an idyllic existence.


Take another look at the episode when Peter loses her patience with David whom she has invited to swim with her.

When, towards the climax of the book, the three girls attempt their rescue of the imprisoned boys each shows their individual character traits. The pair go through their final tribulations during Man with Three Fingerswhere Tom briefly kicks against the restrictions of his limited life, and Jenny, for all her determined love for him, acts at her most juvenile over what she perceives as threats to the future she dreams of, but once she is assured openly by Tom that she is his girl, she crosses the bridge into adult acceptance that she cannot be the only thing in his life, and that it is more than enough to be the main thing.

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He needs to know that it’s still the same between them and Peter feels “overwhelmed with happiness”. And yet this seemingly insoluble problem of keeping our attachment to the characters strong whilst allowing them to mature, can be handled with both subtlety and charm.

Even Peter’s “steadiness” and “loyalty” are put under threat. The Lone Pine books and all the main characters will be found here.

In some mysterious way he has changed a series of children’s adventures into a triple love story that carries all the more conviction because it was staring the readers in the face from almost the start.

David looks “as hurt as if she had struck him” and a few seconds later he is “white-faced and angrier than she had ever seen him”.

The Lone Pine Series

The twins, who love Peter deeply, also notice how much she seems to have changed. Penny, impetuous, determined to plunge straight into action, and Jenny, aware of a greater danger, finding her courage both to defy the others and to go off in the dark to search very sensibly for the grown-ups who can save dear Tom more quickly.

Only two more references to their relationship are worth mentioning in “Mystery Mine” which belongs really to Jon and Penny.


Fenella on the runaway caravan. Just what is happening in the core relationship in the whole series is brought into the sharpest of focus in “The Neglected Mountain”. To call them rude is to ignore such words as appalling, impossible and llone.

Meanwhile Mr Wilkins is taken away by a nasty family called Smithson and the five come across them in their caravan while loone their way to the search area. English Choose a language for shopping. However, instinctively Peter knows he is thinking about her, and she blushes under all this attention and David finds himself “colouring” for he understands that she must have known.

Shelve Not Scarlet but Gold. It’s only because we know her so well that we are drawn in so much. Not Scarlet but Gold by Malcolm Saville. We are only in book 7 of the Lone Pine series but already the characters are growing up and Peter and David seem destined for each other. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. There is an active Malcolm Saville Society, established over twenty years ago, for fans of his work in general and his Lone Pine Club series in particular.

There are no criminals as such but this is not actually a welcome change, because instead there is the oddball Mr Wilkins, and the really unpleasant Percy and his family – a group that prompt the Lone Piners to be uncharacteristically unpleasant back.

You are commenting using your WordPress. They are very different characters, and by no means compatible in the way that the other pairs are. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. No – it’s really at the Hatcholt reservoir that it begins for the reader.